MXA was glad to help Zach, 3Brothers Racing, AHM, STI tires and Husqvarna, but most of all we appreciate how much effort Zach put into his come-from-behind victory—and very impressed that he took the time to thank us on Instagram for the small part we did.

Zach Bell (100) has been away from motocross racing offroad races on the West Coast—where he has achieved considerable success. It’s nice to have him back in motocross. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Brian Medeiros (12) raced both the 125 and Open Pro classes on the same KTM 125SX. He was 11th and 8th overall respectively. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Sean Borkenhagen (186) also raced both classes. He was 24th and 3rd. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Mitch Anderson (811) went 9-7 in the 125 Pro class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

A close look at R.J. Wageman’s left pant leg reveals that he has already been down once on his borrowed TM MX300. Photo: Dan Alamangos

You don’t see a lot of 54-year-old riders in the Open Pro class—especially not in the top ten. Doug Dubach (15) is the man. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Papa Smurf, Dennis Stapleton Sr., does the wrenching on son Dennis’ KTM 250SX. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Dennis Stapleton (184) blows up the rebuilt and beefed-up Glen Helen sand section on his way to 7th in the Open Pro class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Pete Vetrano is the Hi-Point tire importer, when he isn’t busy racing. Pete was 8th in the Over-60 Experts. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Ford Heit (144) went 2-3 in the 125 Intermediate class for second place. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Marissa Poltencheck (77) left a trail behind her in the Women’s class, but nobody could follow it. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

What does REM Motocross promoter Frank Thomason (551) do on his off weekend? He races. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Neken’s James Lavender rebuilt his 2006 Suzuki RM250 top-end the night before the World Two-Stroke race. It didn’t make it through practice. TM gladly lent him an ultra-trick TM MX300 to race to second place in the Over-40 Experts. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Kenny Maddix (418) was trying out the all-white look in the Over-50 Intermediates—he went 7-5 for fifth. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Australian Dan Alamangos (18) was sixth in the Over-50 Experts on MXA’s Husqvarna TC125. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Val Tamietti (31) and Mike Monaghan (33) raced against each other at Saddleback Park 35 years ago. They are still at it. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Brit Alan Bott (74) raced his 1981 Maico 490 to second overall in the Over-50 Intermediate class. Photo: Mark Chilson

Kent Reed (7) borrowed his friends’ 2006 Suzuki RM250 one day before the race. He put in new fork seals, new Pirelli tires, new transmission oil and a new plug and gave it back to his friend better than he borrowed it. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Brian Calhoun (712) raced to 4-4 scores in the Over-30 Intermediate class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Ginger Hill (104) floats her YZ250 over the big sand leap. Photo: Debbi Tamietti


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