This is Motocross Action’s 2019 250 Four-Stroke shootout, raw and unfiltered. It was a battle ground against the Yamaha YZ250F, Honda CRF250, Suzuki RM-Z250, Husqvarna FC250, KTM 250SXF and Kawasaki KX250 for 2019. Our goal is to always to be transparent about each  2019 250 four-stroke.  We want you to feel like you were the one riding the bikes. We started off by testing  each bike individually before putting them together—you can read complete and through tests of each bike in the mag on on the website—but this video is a just a quick review of how we ranked them.

We understand that this ranking process can throw readers out of their wheelhouses. Faster riders have different requirements from slower riders. Riders with a good working relationship with their local dealer might want to stick with that brand. Have a garage full of Suzuki parts? Good reason to choose a Suzuki. Every bike in this shootout, regardless of where it ranks in the shootout hierarchy, is perfect for someone. All six bikes have strengths and weaknesses (and one bike’s weakness to some may be a strength to others).

As strange as it may sound, not every MXA test rider chooses to race the bike that he picked as the best all-around 250 Four-Stroke for 2019. He may admire the shootout winner’s attributes but feel more comfortable on a bike that does something else a little better. It can depend on how tall you are, how much you weigh, the terrain you ride on, your skill level, what kind of tracks you race on, your budget, factory contingency programs or your favorite color. Here is our raw and unfiltered view of the 2019 250 four-strokes. .Enjoy the 1st through 6th ranking of MXA 250 Four-Stroke shootout video.

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