The riders get together for a group photo with team manager Bobby Hewitt. 

By Josh Mosiman

The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team Launch was a fun, light hearted event. There were lots of smiles and laughs among the riders, crew members and media. The team has been very successful lately with Jason Anderson winning the 450 Supercross Championship in 2018 and Zach Osborne winning the 250 Pro Motocross Championship in 2017 and the 250 East Coast Championship in 2017 and again in 2018.

The team has since experienced a few growing pains. Jason and Zach both experienced injuries during the 2018 Pro Motocross series and so did Dean Wilson who was injured a week before the season opener.

Osborne (left) and Anderson (right) having a laugh. All of the riders were having a good time at the event. 

Some changes have been made for 2019. Zach Osborne will join Jason Anderson in the 450 class and Alabama’s Thomas Covington has returned home to America to join the team in the 250 division for his Pro debut in the Supercross and Pro Motocross Championships. Michael Mosiman has resigned with the team for 2019 as well as Jordan Bailey. Unfortunately, the team will be missing Dean Wilson and Mitchell Harrison as there wasn’t enough room for them under the tent. We know the decision to get rid of these guys wasn’t easy for the Husky squad because there were rumors of the team actually fielding a third rig for the two riders just to keep them on white bikes.

Now that Zach and Jason are both riding in the 450 class, their relationship has changed and they are actually working together more so now. It seems like Jason understands that Zach can actually help him stay on top of his game and push Jason to become a better rider. Similar to Dungey and Musquin’s program, both Zach and Jason should benefit from practicing together during the week and it could elevate both of them.

“I’m really looking forward to the task at hand (defending his 450 Supercross championship) it’s gonna be tough but I’m looking forward to the challenge and I got this guy (Zach Osborne) to make my week days tough and I think he’s gonna make my weekends tough too… I hope that he’s gonna make my weekends tough and that he’s gonna be in second and I’m gonna be in first.” —Jason Anderson

Anderson’s 2018 bike with the number one plate he earned from winning the Supercross Championship. 

“To stay on top I think that I need to never underestimate anyone or any task and always try to be my best. It’s crazy to think that I’m on my fifth year as a 450 racer but time has flown and luckily I’ve been able to be with the same brand, Husqvarna this whole time. I did my rookie year with them. It’s been a cool adventure and now I got this 29-year old rookie with me, ‘the youngster’ and I think he’s going to help me, between each other if we can keep a good balance we’ll help each other stay young and stay at the top, hungry for winning.”—Jason

Michael Mosiman (left), Thomas Covington (middle) and Zach Osborne (right) having a laugh.

“Our personalities are identical, you know, we are one in the same. It meshes well… Actually we have been training a lot together, more so in the last couple weeks than ever before and it’s been going really well. He’s been texting me back which is a huge step in the right direction and we’re just off to a blazing start this year.” —Zach Osborne jokingly expressing his relationship with teammate Jason Anderson.

Thomas is happy to be back in the U.S. and he’s looking forward to his Supercross debut.

After 5 years in of traveling the globe racing in the MXGP World Championship, Thomas Covington is transitioning back to the U.S. and he joins the Rockstar Husqvarna team for 2019. Thomas grew up racing the amateur nationals in the U.S. before moving to Europe and spending the beginning part of his professional racing career in the GP series. Thomas should be a great asset for the Rockstar squad in the 250 class running with the number 112 in 2019.

“I talk about this quite a bit, the GP season is so long. It’s one Championship spread out over the entire year. Where as here in the U.S. you have two Championships which makes it a bit shorter. The biggest thing I learned over there is to keep a level head through the whole thing. Even when I have a really bad weekend, to try not to get too down and depressed because things are never as bad as they seem and they are never as great as they seem when everything goes good. I just have to keep grinding away and keep focused on what I’m doing and not worry about the results.”—Thomas Covington

Michael Mosiman showing off the 2019 FC250 with the new FX graphics. 

2018 was a year of growing for Michael Mosiman. He completed his rookie Supercross season in the East Coast division finishing 15th overall with a season best of 8th at St. Louis. He also placed 11th overall in the Pro Motocross series with a season best of 9th overall at Ironman.

“So far the off season has really been solid. Getting back on Supercross, this being my second year, things are clicking a lot better than before. I’m really excited and if A1 was this weekend I wouldn’t be too bummed. I’m feeling good and just learning and growing everyday and fitness has been really solid so far. It’s good to be healthy and going into the season I’m looking forward to racing week in and week out and being the guy that on any given night can go in there and be in the top five, podium or even at the top of the box.” —Michael Mosiman

Team Manager, Bobby Hewitt (left), Jordan Bailey (middle) and Michael Mosiman (right).

In his Pro motocross debut, Jordan Bailey placed 16th overall in the 250 Championship with a season best of 12th at Red Bud. He comes into the 2019 season excited to get into the stadium and kick off his rookie season in Supercross.

“I always think the best part, and it is very chaotic, but it’s when you ride your bike from your semi to the tunnel. Because you got all the fans in the pits, and yeah it’s very hectic with people everywhere, but it’s a good feeling knowing you’re no longer the kid looking at the riders from the sidelines. The whole aspect of Supercross is awesome, being able to be in a stadium, full of people that are there to watch you do your ‘job’ but more or less you’re performing for those people up there. So I think I’m going to do my best to embrace it all the best that I can and I think it’s gonna be awesome.”—Jordan Bailey

The event was in the parking lot of the Husqvarna USA headquarters which are strategically placed right next to KTM in Murrieta, California.

Up close and personal with the FC250 power plant.

The team setup both of their semi trucks, one to display bikes and the other to hold the press conference. Scott Lillis, Mosiman’s Mechanic (left), Damon Conkright, Parts guy (left middle), Paul Delaurier, truck driver, (right middle) and Dave Feeney, Osborne’s mechanic, (right). 



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