Friday was nothing but sunshine in Downtown San Diego the day before the fifth round of the AMA Monster Energy Supercross series inside Petco Park. 

Friday was a beautiful day in Downtown San Diego. Sun was shinning with a cool 68 degree breeze. The bikes were out glimmering in the sunshine, but mechanics were preparing as today was the calm before the storm, literally. Press day riding was cancelled today as they want to keep the San Diego Supercross track covered as long as they can as race day calls for a 100 percent chance of rainfall from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm WST.  According to the weather forecast light rain is supposed to start tonight around 1:00 am and continue until 1:00 am on Monday. It is almost comical as the only round there hasn’t been rain this Supercross season is in Oakland, usually as the most likeliness for rain on the west coast, save for the Seattle round.

Since the racers were unable to ride today we are giving you something a little different. And since the San Diego Supercross round  is all about military appreciation we went around downtown SD in search of military stuff. Enjoy.

Photos by Daryl Ecklund

If you are an industry insider this is the place you go to get tickets. 

Things were still being assembled today. 

Fly Racing has the biggest thumbprint at Supercross this year. Yesterday they came out with a revolutionary helmet called the Formula.

This all-new Fly Racing helmet has some impressive features. Make sure to look more inside the Fly Racing Formula helmet

This photo of the San Diego Supercross track covered up was taken Wednesday night by one of the track builders, Billy Swapp. The track will covered as long as possible going into Saturday.

It is all in the details. One of the Rockstar Husky crew clips the nubs off Dean Wilson‘s FC450 to make room for the Dunlop stickers. 

Putting the finishing touches on Justin Starling’s Gas Monkey FC250. 

Jason Anderson spotting. It is good to see Jason getting around well after his practice crash and surgery

Friday is when the mechanics go through sound. The max sound pre-race is 112 dB. Post race max is raised one dB to 113 dB as the packing breaks down and the bike tends to get louder. 

Many race teams such as factory Yamaha puts multiple mufflers through sound testing.

Justin Barcia’s wrench Shawn Bell takes his bike through sound testing with one of the many Pro Circuit mufflers. 

Jimmy Decotis looking suspicious.  

Train stations are located right by Petco Park. 

This is normal traffic when Supercross is in town. The San Diego Supercross pits are a bit of a walk from the stadium. 

Are electric bikes street legal?

American Destroyer Princeton was rolling through the channel today. 

Yamaha brought backup pressure washers… just in case. 

We caught Alpinestars Ashley Jung walking to the pits. 

Ashely took this picture of their Astars limited edition San Diego gear

In the pits crew numbers were drilling into the asphalt to secure down their tents. 

Michael Mosiman stopped to tell us one of his Fun Facts. Make sure to check out his Instagram account if you want to learn a thing or two. 

The best way to put graphics on is with a heat gun. The JGR guys however don’t agree. They like using a torch. 

We don’t know who this guy is put he wanted us to take his picture with a wheel in front of Aaron Plessinger’s bike. You’re welcome, sir. 

Race day lives Jim Holley.


Jess Pettis KTM 250SXF without its shoes. 

We visited the USS Midway which is the longest serving aircraft carrier to date. It served the US Navy between 1945 and 1992.

The USS Midway. 

There were many aircraft on its four acre flight deck, including this old chinook helicopter.

Blake Baggett runs a rear shock hole shot device. 

Jordan Troxell putting the finishing touches on Cole Seely’s factory Honda CRF450. 

We saw this guy strolling through the streets on an electric scooter hauling around some new kicks. Thanks for your service.

The gym is that way. 

Justin Brayton with his bike. 

JGR’s Brian Swead cooking up some meat for the team. 

JGR team manager Jeremy Albrecht and Buddy Antunez. 

We passed by a few Navy landmarks downtown. 

Ron Lechien posing with some fans. 

Right across the channel from downtown SD is the Coronado Naval Base. 


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