We’re in Millville, Minnesota for the 6th round of the 2020 AMA Nationals after a two-week break from racing. Thankfully the riders are given beautiful weather and racing conditions for the cool Fall day in Minnesota. With the points getting closer and closer for the 450 class, nothing short but exciting was to be expected at this race. 450 rookie Adam Cianciarulo put down an absolute heater in timed qualifying ranking him the fastest in the first round of qualifying but the other 450 rookie Chase Sexton wasn’t here to mess around. Chase managed to a tenth of a second faster than Adam scoring him the top position in timed qualifying. Our current points leader Zach Osborne just broke the top ten getting an eighth in timed qualifying. Last year’s champ Eli Tomac followed closely to the rookies getting third in qualifying.

With the most exciting most of us haven’t seen in a while, we sat at the edge of our seats witnessing an awesome spectacle of motocross. How will the rookies fair compared to the season veterans that fill the 450 class? Will our current points leader be able to hold onto the red plate? Find out all down below as we report the races.



Blake Baggett had another great performance and finished second.

The second 450 moto went underway with first moto winner Adam Cianairulo taking the holeshot almost getting a tie with Blake Baggett over the line. Every rider in the top 10 has beat each other previously so the racing was extremely close. Chase Sexton ran in third with points leader Zach Osborne running right behind him. Marvin Musquin, Justin Barcia, and Christian Craig were fifth through seventh and Eli Tomac in eighth. Just like how we saw the first moto, the 450 rookies Adam and Chase rode surprisingly well compared to the veteran 450 riders. Sandwiched in between the two younger riders was Blake Baggett who felt the pressure to charge on Adam Cianciarulo but also felt the pressure of Chase Sexton running him down. With a few laps in Chase Sexton raced Baggett up Mt. Martin and made a clean pass in the inside. Now it was the two rookie riders leading the race. Both Chase and Adam both train together at James Stewart’s compound so it was a battle between these two close friends. Broc Tickle went down hard and it was really unfortunate because of his recent comeback in the sport.

Broc Tickle had a scary crash halfway through the race

Adam Cianciarulo, Chase Sexton, and Blake Baggett started getting closer to each other and soon it was a battle for the lead. Adam was not going to just give up his position as he continued to ride extremely smooth, but Chase started to push the envelope in order to take lead. While these two were worrying about each other, the Chupacabra closed the gap on the young riders. With ten minutes and two laps left Marvin Musquin sat in fourth place with red plate holder Zach Osborne following. It appeared something went wrong with the bike as he pointed at it going past the mechanics. Zach then lost a couple of positions to Eli Tomac and Justin Barcia. The mechanics appeared to diagnose that it was a front flat and got a wheel on standby for him but that didn’t matter to Zach as he rode past the mechanics to keep racing. The front wheel problem escalated as the front flat got worse and Zach’s speed decreased significantly. Zach only about 4 laps to go to maintain the points lead and could not drop to 20th. With each lap around the track, Zach got more and more comfortable with riding with the flat front tire and actually started to gain speed from his previous laps.

Zach Osborne will still hold onto the red plate even after having a front flat

At this time Adam Cianciarulo still held the lead with Blake Baggett one second behind. It appeared that there was another mechanical problem but this time involving Marvin Musquin who had an issue with his clutch. Two laps to go, Adam showed incredible speed knowing that Baggett would hard charge at the very end. Adam saved up some energy for the last laps and put a small gap in between him and the number 4. Zach Osborne dropped to 14th place and only had one lap left to redeem some points in the race. Within the last lap, Adam Cianciarulo eventually caught up to the points leader and lapped him. Adam Cianciarulo took the win and went 1-1 for the day.

1 9 Adam Cianciarulo 1 1
2 4 Blake Baggett 2 2
3 51 Justin Barcia 5 4
4 23 Chase Sexton 8 3
5 1 Eli Tomac 6 5
6 25 Marvin Musquin 3 10
7 62 Christian Craig 7 6
8 17 Joseph Savatgy 9 7
9 103 Max Anstie 10 8
10 16 Zachary Osborne 4 16
11 31 Fredrik Noren 11 9
12 50 Benny Bloss 13 11
13 19 Justin Bogle 16 12
14 258 Justin Rodbell 14 14
15 78 Jake Masterpool 15 15
16 349 Grant Harlan 20 13
17 20 Broc Tickle 12 37
18 700 Justin Hoeft 20 17
19 42 Ben LaMay 19 19
20 72 Robbie Wageman 17 21
21 75 Coty Schock 18
22 79 Isaac Teasdale 22 18
23 61 Alex Ray 18 26
24 577 Felix Lopez 19 24
25 794 Bryce Backaus 23 22
26 34 Tyler Bowers 21 20
27 503 McClellan Hile 25 25
28 722 Adam Enticknap 24 29
29 711 Tristan Lane 28 28
30 841 Jeffrey Walker 26 30
31 141 Richard Taylor 36 23
32 412 Jared Lesher 32 27
33 483 Bryton Carroll 27 34
34 144 Nicolas Rolando 33 32
35 708 Joseph Perron 34 33
36 881 Jerry LorenzIII 38 35
37 262 Blake Hansen 37 36
38 243 Hunter Braun 35 38
39 309 Jeremy Smith 40 39
40 647 Matthew Hubert 39 40
41 824 Carter Stephenson 31



450 Rookies Adam Cianciarulo and Chase Sexton were the fastest in timed qualifying

The 450 rookie Adam Cianciarulo took the holeshot with 450 veteran Marvin Musquin and fellow 450 rookie Chase Sexton in second and third place. The Chupacabra Blake Baggett followed closely in fourth place and points leader Zach Osborne in fifth place. Eli Tomac got a poor start and started hunting down riders one by one. Suzuki riders Joey Savatgy sat in seventh and eighth place with Justin Barcia on their tail. Marvin’s performance has been incredible with his current riding condition of having a damaged knee and currently sat in second in both the championship and the race. Eli Tomac made his way past the Brit Max Anstie and Christian Craig followed Eli’s lead. It was only a matter of time before Blake Baggett’s creative line choices paid off in his favor and started closing the gap between him and Sexton. Baggett charged down one of the major downhills remarkably fast and made the past on the Honda rider. 10 minutes in, Adam Cianciarulo felt the pressure of the two KTM riders breathing down his neck. Marvin and Baggett put speed towards the rookie Monster Energy Kawi rider.

Marvin Musquin held onto the second position for the entirety of the race until a stall.

The 450s made ease of some parts of the track that the 250s struggled in. Osborne started to quietly get some speed in the race and gained on Chase Sexton. Blake Baggett and Marvin Musquin began to dance with each other as the two flew up and down the Millville countryside crisscrossing in between each other for the second position in the race. With less than 10 minutes left in the race, Zach Osborne made an aggressive pass on Chase Sexton as the two collided for the fourth position. Marvin Musquin and Baggett remained within a hundredth of a second of each other until Baggett made a mistake separating the two KTM riders.  Baggett made the pass on the french rider as Marvin’s bike stalled and failed to start it right away. Fortunately for Marvin, the points leader was more than four seconds behind after resuming movement on his bike. Justin Barcia barely scraped by Joey Savatgy for sixth place and unfortunately, Savatgy went down in after getting his front wheel taken out. With such a good position in the race, Chase Sexton sadly went down and lost position to several riders. Blake Baggett closed on the Kawi rider in first place but it was too late as Adam Cianciarulo took his second-ever 450 moto win.

Adam Cianciarulo took the win in the first moto.

1 9 Adam Cianciarulo 17 Laps
2 4 Blake Baggett +01.758
3 25 Marvin Musquin +20.489
4 16 Zachary Osborne +30.672
5 51 Justin Barcia +37.337
6 1 Eli Tomac +41.879
7 62 Christian Craig +43.856
8 23 Chase Sexton +47.919
9 17 Joseph Savatgy +56.566
10 103 Max Anstie +1:09.827
11 31 FredrikNoren +1:15.407
12 20 Broc Tickle +1:30.878
13 50 Benny Bloss +1:59.268
14 258 Justin Rodbell +2:00.728
15 75 Coty Schock 16Laps
16 42 Ben LaMay +10.153
17 700 Justin Hoeft +18.192
18 61 Alex Ray +33.218
19 577 Felix Lopez +39.334
20 349 Grant Harlan +43.371
21 34 Tyler Bowers +1:06.051
22 79 Isaac Teasdale +1:25.799
23 794 Bryce Backaus +1:26.654
24 722 Adam Enticknap +1:27.979
25 503 McClellan Hile +1:37.559
26 841 Jeffrey Walker +1:44.635
27 483 Bryton Carroll +1:48.948
28 711 Tristan Lane +1:51.033
29 78 Jake Masterpool +1:55.229
30 72 Robbie Wageman +1:55.229
31 19 Justin Bogle +1:55.229
32 412 Jared Lesher 15Laps
33 144 Nicolas Rolando +17.589
34 708 Joseph Perron +1:05.025
35 243 Hunter Braun +1:10.061
36 141 Richard Taylor 14 Laps
37 262 Blake Hansen +3:33.170
38 881 Jerry LorenzIII 9 Laps
39 647 Matthew Hubert 4 Laps
40 309 Jeremy Smith DNF


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