Coming into the Glendale Supercross, we had three different winners at the first three rounds in both the 250 and 450 classes. But now the streak is broken as both Ken Roczen and Austin Forkner were able to grab their second wins of the season at the Triple Crown event in Arizona. In the 450 class, Ken Roczen dominated the night by winning each of the three Main Events while Austin Forkner won two out of the three in the 250 class and finished a consistent third in the second race. The slick Glendale track and long whoop sections provided for lots of crashes and struggles for riders who couldn’t get through the whoops cleanly. In Motocross Action’s The Aftermath, we like to take a closer look at the top stories from Supercross and bring you our favorite photos our photographers took at the race. 


Photos by Brian Converse
Words by Josh Mosiman


Ken Roczen fought hard and he held off Eli Tomac to win all three Main Events in the Glendale Triple Crown and win the overall. 

Eli Tomac is a unique racer. As we all know, when he’s on—he’s on. But when he’s off, he’s usually far off. His spectrum of speed and results varies too much in Supercross and that is what has kept him from winning a 450 title indoors. Eli Tomac was on fire in Glendale and it looked like he was on track to grab his second win in-a-row but this time Ken Roczen was able to over come the pressure coming from Eli Tomac to hold him off and win all three Main Events. 

Ken Roczen is the first 450SX rider to win two races this season. 


The 429-foot long start straightaway made for some high speeds coming into the first turn. 

Starts are important in motocross, even more important in Supercross and again, more important in the Triple Crown formatted Supercross events. With shorter races at the triple crown, there’s less time to recover from mistakes. The standard 250 Main Event is 15 minutes plus one lap and at the Triple Crown formatted events, the 250 riders instead compete in three 10-minute plus one lap Main Events. In the 450 class, a typical Main runs 20-minutes plus one lap while the Triple Crown Mains are 12-minutes plus one lap each. With less time on the track, starts are more important. The plus side to having three shorter Main Events, is that the fans have a better shot at watching exciting battles throughout the night. They get to watch their favorite riders race more often with the Triple Crown format. The shorter races also give the underdogs more of a chance to do well. It’s a lot easier to get a good start and hang on for a solid finish in a 12-minute race compared to a 20-minute race.



Justin Cooper was leading the second 250SX Main Event until this happened.

Justin Cooper’s struggles in Glendale started during the first qualifying practice when he had a big crash jumping into the sand section. After that, Justin crashed in the first two Main Events giving him 17th and 9th place finishes. The crash photo above came from 250 Main Event number two when he was leading on the opening laps. Justin did finally pull it together and win the third Main Event to salvage the points lead and finish 9th overall. Although he still has the red plate, Glendale took a lot of wind out of Justin Cooper’s sails. He had a 12-point lead going into the event and leaving Arizona he only has a 3-point lead over his teammate, Dylan Ferrandis. Austin Forkner also caught up to Cooper big time. Austin was 22 points behind Justin coming into the race and now he is only 10 points back.

Justin Cooper put it together in the final Main Event to salvage a 9th overall in Glendale and boost his own confidence going into round five in Oakland.


Here Ken Roczen is searching for traction as he tries to run away from a determined Eli Tomac. 

Glendale soil is known to develop into a hard pack and slick track. To counteract the dry, hard, slick characteristics of it, the Dirt Wurx crew soaked the track in the morning in hopes to retain moisture and traction throughout the whole day of racing. It was a slick, mud-fest for the first two practice sections, but luckily the track crew had some to groom the track before the final qualifying session. All of the fastest lap times came from the second qualifying session as the dirt had much more traction and the lines weren’t sloppy. By the time the night show came around, the track looked smooth and simple from a spectators point of view and even the whoops didn’t look too bad. They we’re as rutted or cupped out as they were at Anaheim, but the hard-pack, slick nature of the dirt made for a challenging night of racing. 

Justin Barcia sliding the rear end around one of the slick bowl turns in Glendale.


Cooper Webb was one of the many riders who struggled in the long Glendale whoop section. 

The whoops were very challenging at Glendale. The fact that the whoops were hard pack and slick wasn’t a challenge that the Supercross riders aren’t used to. At the Supercross test tracks in California, the whoops are almost always hard pack and slick. But the tough part about the Glendale whoops was how long they were. If you haven’t hit Supercross whoops before, then it might be harder to understand this. It’s very hard to gain speed in a whoop section. The rider’s speed through the whoops is determined by how much momentum they carry coming into the whoops. Once the front and rear tire are bouncing from whoop-to-whoop, the rear tire isn’t making contact with the ground too often which means it’s not able to drive forward like usual. 

Alex Martin navigates the long Glendale whoops.


Adam Cianciarulo was running second place in the second 450 Main Event when this happened. He pick his bike up in eighth place and passed Justin Brayton and Aaron Plessinger to finish sixth. 


Austin Forkner won two out of the three Main Events in Glendale.

Austin Forkner made some big improvements at Glendale. He has struggled in the whoops lately with multiple crashes in them during practice at Anaheim 1 and a big crash in the whoops during the Main Event at Anaheim 2. But at Glendale, even with the longest set of whoops we’ve seen this season, Austin Forkner was able to win the first two Main Events and finish third in the final Main to win the Triple Crown overall and grab his second win of the season. With his win and Justin Cooper’s struggles in Arizona, Austin gained 12 valuable points on Cooper and he now sits only 10 points behind the points leader. 

Austin Forkner on the gas coming out of the corner. 


Christian Craig had another tough night of racing which ended in another DNF. 

Christian crashes in the second Main Event and he never got back on the bike afterwards. He was favoring his eye when he picked himself off the ground and on the NBC Sports broadcast they said he had some issues with his eye. We aren’t sure of the extent of his injury. He posted via instagram: 3 weeks in a row of some pretty crazy stuff happening. Was happy with my riding in the first main coming from 7th to 3rd. Second main I grabbed the front brake a little too hard coming into a corner and hit the ground hard. Most likely will be missing the next 2 rounds but will be ready to keep fighting after the break. Thank you @fchonda, @hayden_hvrand all the fans for the crazy support thru everything . No quit in me.”


Justin Bogle suffered a concussion in a first turn crash which caused one of the two red flags in Glendale. 

Justin Bogle was sandwiched between Adam Cianciarulo and Zach Osborne coming into the first turn during the start of the second Main Event and unfortunately he went down hard. The Rocky Mountain ATV-MC KTM team made a statement via instagram: “Justin took a hard blow to his head, and after quick, excellent care by the Alpinestars Medic Crew – It was decided it would be best for him to be checked out at the area hospital. After a number of tests, including a full body CT scan, it was determined Bogle had endured a general concussion and was released that evening. Justin will be meeting his neurologist this week to begin AMA Supercross series regular concussion protocol and will be sitting out this weekends race in Oakland. As a team we fully support our riders and want what is best for them. We will post an update on Justin’s progress later this week.”

Concussions are never fun. We hope Justin Bogle heals up quickly.


Michael Mosiman placed third overall in Glendale.

Michael Mosiman earned his first career Supercross podium in Glendale. He came on strong in 2019 to finish fourth in the Seattle Supercross, a split second behind third place. And he led laps at the Denver Supercross before he dropped back to third and then slid out and finished fifth. In 2020, Michael has struggled in qualifying and even in the heat races, but he has been fairly consistent in the Main Events, except for St. Louis when he was hit by Alex Martin and then landed on by Dylan Ferrandis in the first rhythm section on the first lap. Besides that race, Michael has been fourth, fourth and now third. Mosiman is currently sixth in the 250 West Point standings, 24 points behind the leader. 

Michael Mosiman and Austin Forkner grew up racing against each other at the amateur nationals from 50s on up to big bikes. Here they meet again on the 250SX podium.


Dylan Ferrandis went 2-2-2 in Glendale to finish second overall.

Dylan Ferrandis was unhappy about his second place in Glendale. He said in his post race interviews that his bad starts cost him the win. If Dylan would’ve won the overall, he would be tied for the points lead with his teammate Justin Cooper going into Oakland.

Dylan buried in the pack dealing with roost and riders everywhere early in the race.

Cooper Webb had another rough night in Glendale, but he turned it into respectable fourth overall with his 8-5-4 Main Event scores. 

Jason Anderson is gaining momentum and after 5-3-2 Main Event finishes in the triple crown, he found himself back on the podium in third place. 


JMC Husqvarna rider, Martin Castelo (#55) scored two holeshots in Glendale.

It’s not often that you see a privateer get a holeshot and it’s even more rare when a privateer grabs two in a row. Martin Castelo got off to a good start in both the second and third 250SX Main Events. He rode well throughout the races too, but unfortunately in the second Main he had a last lap crash in the whoops which hurt his overall finish. 12-14-14 results earned Martin a 13th overall finish.

The 250 West Glendale podium with Austin Forkner, Dylan Ferrandis and Michael Mosiman, first, second and third.

Brandon Hartranft finished fourth overall in Glendale.

Brandon Hartranft has put himself in the right place at the right time and after hitting the podium for the first time in his career at St. Louis, he backed it up at Anaheim 2 and now he backed it up again with a fourth overall in Glendale. Brandon sits third in the 250 West Championship standings, only nine points behind Justin Cooper. 

Vince Friese, Adam Cianciarulo, Eli Tomac and the rest of the field come into turn one hot.

The 450SX Main Event podium with Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac and Jason Anderson, first, second and third.

Eli Tomac sure did put the pressure on Ken Roczen, but he wasn’t able to beat the German on the slick Glendale track.

Justin Cooper powers out of a corner while getting pelted with roost.

Justin Barcia ended up 5th overall in Glendale with 6-8-7 scores.

Justin Brayton was 6th overall with 7-7-9 Main Event finishes. 

Ken Roczen and his mechanic Jordan Troxell.

Derek Drake had an impressive night in Glendale. 10-3-13 scores weren’t consistent, but his third place in the second Main Event showed that Derek has the speed to run up front. 

Michael Mosiman chases his old friend, Derek Drake. These two riders grew up racing bar-to-bar at the local races in Northern California. They both progressed and eventually they were battling at the amateur nationals, then at the Junior World Championships and now again in Supercross.

Dean Wilson looked stylish in his new O’neal Prodigy gear. Oneal hooked up the MXA wrecking crew with their 50th anniversary celebration gear and it’s legit. Dean Wilson went on to finish 13th overall in Glendale.  Arizona local, Chris Blose had a tough night in Glendale. Chris crashed hard in the whoops and caused on of the two red flags.

The FXR Racing team designed a custom set of gear for Chris Blose to represent his Arizona colors at his home state Supercross race.

Carson Brown finished 11th overall on his JMC Husqvarna and on Monday after the race, the MXA Wrecking crew got to test out his race bike. Click here to check out the first photos from the test

Chad Reed saluting the crowd at his final Glendale Supercross.

Austin Forkner on the podium.

Adam Cianciarulo blasting through the sand section during qualifying.


Ken Roczen posted via instagram: “9 TRIPLE CROWN SWEEP 4
What an absolute perfect night for me and my team @honda_racing_us. So much craziness that happened yesterday with 2 re-starts due to crashes and a lot of racing we managed to come out on top in every single main event! I m proud of all my people! Great racing.”

Adam Cianciarulo said via instagram: “Great night of racing until the last few laps! Had a weird kick in the whoops and the rest was history. I got checked out and it’s nothing serious—so I’m pumped on that. Really sore to say the least, though. I appreciate everyone reaching out! Good times ahead.”

Michael Mosiman posted via instagram: “Super stoked to get my first career SX podium! Credit to the team and glory to God! #RockstarHusky Fun Fact: In Arizona it’s illegal to dig up and move a saguaro cactus. You could face up to 25 years in prison for this offense.”

Derek Drake posted via instagram: “Had some fun running up front last night! Starts are key!”

Justin Brayton posted via instagram: “Never gets old looking at this bike! Ended up 6th at the first triple crown of the year last weekend in Glendale. Solid result but lots of room for improvement. Congrats @kenroczen94 and everyone on Team Honda HRC on another win!”

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