Racing is underway at the 2020 Oakland Supercross and the 250 West division is fired up for round five. Coming into Oakland, Justin Cooper holds a three point lead over his teammate Dylan Ferrandis. Justin had a bigger gap going into round four in Glendale, but a tough night of racing resulted in a ninth place for Justin and a big loss in the point standings. Austin Forkner maximized points by grabbing the win in Glendale and now he sits fourth in the standings, only ten points behind Justin Cooper. During the 250 Qualifying sessions in Oakland, it was Dylan Ferrandis who once again grabbed the top spot as quickest qualifier and Austin Forkner was close behind in second. The track in Oakland has had great traction all day and the famous Oakland ruts have been making the track a real challenge for the riders. Stay tuned to MXA for results from the 250 and 450 classes updated throughout the night in Oakland.


Click here for the 450 Race Results.


Dylan Ferrandis wins the Main Event in Oakland. 

Alex Martin grabbed the holeshot with Austin Forkner second on the first lap. Austin passed Alex on lap two and Ferrandis passed Alex shortly after. Michael Mosiman was running seventh and went down hard coming into a corner and his bike got ran over by another rider and put it out of commission forcing Michael to DNF the race. Dylan Ferrandis and Austin Forkner pulled away from Alex Martin while Justin Cooper passed his way into fourth and set his sights on Martin. Luke Clout was fifth and Brandon Hartranft was sixth. With five minutes and a lap to go, Dylan Ferrandis came up the inside of Forkner and gave him a small tap to get back by. It wasn’t a dirty move, but Forkner rode off the track and then re-entered shortly after. Ferrandis started to pull a gap while Austin Forkner was trying to jump through the whoop section and Dylan was still skimming them. With just over a lap to go, Justin Cooper passed Alex Martin to get into the final spot on the podium.

1 1W Dylan Ferrandis
2 52 Austin Forkner
3 32 Justin Cooper
4 26 Alex Martin
5 101 Luke Clout
6 40 Mitchell Oldenburg
7 57 Derek Drake
8 30 Brandon Hartranft
9 108 Aaron Tanti
10 55 Martin Castelo
11 95 Carson Brown
12 45 Jacob Hayes
13 170 Michael Leib
14 29 Cameron Mcadoo
15 72 Robbie Wageman
16 106 Jay Wilson
17 60 Mitchell Falk
18 929 Taiki Koga
19 88 Logan Karnow
20 284 Lorenzo Camporese
21 90 Killian Auberson
22 28 Michael Mosiman



Justin Cooper easily won the 250 LCQ.

Justin Cooper grabbe the holeshot and lead in the 250 LCQ. Killian Auberson was second and they both rode smooth and consistent to finished one and two. Lorenzo Camporse was third and Wyatt Lyonsmith was fourth, but Wyatt wasn’t able to hang on to the transfer position when he made a mistake in the whoops. Logan Karnow passed Rj Wageman to get into fifth and then he passed Lyonsmith to get the transfer position.

1 32 Justin Cooper
2 90 Killian Auberson
3 284 Lorenzo Camporese
4 88 Logan Karnow
5 181 Wyatt Lyonsmith
6 621 RJ Wageman
7 952 Ludovic Macler
8 200 Dare Demartile
9 118 Cheyenne Harmon
10 837 Bryson Gardner
11 216 Devin Harriman
12 221 Mathias Jorgensen
13 630 Jeffrey Meurs
14 154 Chase Felong
15 120 Todd Bannister
16 97 Chris Howell
17 246 Chance Blackburn
18 427 Deegan Vonlossberg
19 193 Hunter Schlosser
20 277 Kordel Caro
21 446 Blaine Silveira
22 112 Xylian Ramella



Cameron McAdoo grabbed the win in the second 250 Heat Race.

Mitchell Oldenburg grabbed the holeshot in the second 250 heat race with his teammate Luke Clout in second. There was a heavy battle behind the Penrite Honda teammates in second, third, fourth and fifth. Cameron McAdoo, Justin Cooper and Dylan Ferrandis were coming on strong. Luke Clout passed his teammate Mitchell Oldenburg but then a lap later Oldenburg passed him back to take over the lead. Then Cameron McAdoo passed Clout and Dylan Ferrandis passed Cooper and Clout before Clout bummed Ferrandis mid air in a rhythm section. Ferrandis was ok and didn’t crash, but he lost the two positions because of it. Then Cooper passed Clout aggressively before the whoops, and Clout retaliated in the next corner and took Cooper over the berm. Cooper went down easily but it took his electric starter a long time to get going again. Cameron McAdoo and Dylan Ferrandis both passed Mitchell Oldenburg and finished one and two.

1 29 Cameron Mcadoo
2 1W Dylan Ferrandis
3 40 Mitchell Oldenburg
4 101 Luke Clout
5 72 Robbie Wageman
6 57 Derek Drake
7 95 Carson Brown
8 60 Mitchell Falk
9 106 Jay Wilson
10 32 Justin Cooper
11 97 Chris Howell
12 200 Dare Demartile
13 621 RJ Wageman
14 193 Hunter Schlosser
15 112 Xylian Ramella
16 952 Ludovic Macler
17 181 Wyatt Lyonsmith
18 118 Cheyenne Harmon
19 120 Todd Bannister
20 277 Kordel Caro

Mitchell Oldenburg is looking fast here in Oakland.


Michael Mosiman placed second in the first 250 Heat race. 

The first 250 heat race of the night was able to ride on a freshly groomed track her in Oakland. Michael Mosiman grabbed the holeshot and the lead while Jacob Hayes was second and Austin Forkner third. Austin Forkner make a quick move around Hayes to get into second and he was slowly catching Mosiman as he was jumping a triple in the turning rhythm section. Michael wasn’t jumping it at first and he was losing time. Michael made a mistake and Austin passed him in the whoops, but Mosiman wasn’t done. He put up a fight and made some aggressive moves to challenge Forkner for the win. Eventually Forkner shut the door on Mosiman and pulled a small gap, but on the last lap Michael jumped the triple for the first time and closed up on Forkner. He closed up on him near the finish, but Forkner was able to grab the heat race win with Mosiman second. Taiki Koga grabbed the final transfer position into the main.

1 52 Austin Forkner
2 28 Michael Mosiman
3 30 Brandon Hartranft
4 45 Jacob Hayes
5 26 Alex Martin
6 55 Martin Castelo
7 108 Aaron Tanti
8 170 Michael Leib
9 929 Taiki Koga
10 837 Bryson Gardner
11 88 Logan Karnow
12 90 Killian Auberson
13 284 Lorenzo Camporese
14 216 Devin Harriman
15 221 Mathias Jorgensen
16 154 Chase Felong
17 246 Chance Blackburn
18 630 Jeffrey Meurs
19 427 Deegan Vonlossberg
20 446 Blaine Silveira

Photo 1: Justin Cooper launching into the sand section.

Photo 2: Justin Cooper using every inch of travel in his suspension as he lands in the sand section.


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