There are nothing in the pits as cool as nitrate coated fork tubes. These ones are from Justin Brayton’s Factory Honda CRF450. We shot way too many photos of these. Make sure to keep scrolling to see more angles. 


The 5th round of the AMA Monster Energy Supercross Championship series is held in Oakland, California on February 1st, 2020. The MXA crew first flew to a chilly Boise, Idaho, for a WPS Dealer show before we headed to Sunny Oakland on Friday morning to catch what was going on in the pits and to see the Oakland SX track. Many of the teams were just getting setup, while others were working on their bikes getting them ready for tomorrow’s show. Some of the teams, like the Star Racing Yamaha team were quiet. No bikes were out. Just personnel getting everything cleaned up.

For the 250 West Coast Supercross class, Oakland will be the half-way point of the season. As for the East Coast 250SX class, their first round will kick-off in two weeks (February 15th) in Tampa, Florida. The Star Racing Yamaha riders of Justin Cooper and Dylan Ferrandis are one and two in points coming into Oakland with Austin Forkner nine points back from first. With five rounds to go, it is still anyones championship.

Enjoy MXA’s Best in the Pits from Oakland SX.


Adam Cianciarulo’s wrench, Justin Shantie relaxing on Eli Tomac’s Factory KX450. 

The Factory KTM semi getting a shower. 

Jason Anderson jumping off a wall jump, over another wall jump, into the sand section. These jumps weren’t meant to be a double. You can watch a vide of it by clicking here.

Jason Anderson flew through the sand after doubling the two wall jumps into the sand section.

The dirt in Oakland is completely different from the past. This year, the dirt is completely rock free. It’s primo now and we had to ask the Dirt Wurx crew what changed. They said that they hired Kirk Kitchen to come sift out all of the rocks. He spent two and a half weeks sifting the rocks out of it in the Oakland Coliseum parking lot and finished the last pile of dirt on Thursday night at 2:00a.m. 

Jason Anderson bringing a fresh set of Vans and his knee braces to the Husky semi. 

Under the Gas Monkey tent. 

 Carlos Rivera doing some surgery on Cooper Webb’s Factory KTM 450SXF. 

Ken Roczen still has the red plate with an eight point lead coming into Oakland SX. 

Dean Wilson and Alex Ray chat before the press day practices get started.

The number 9 is a treat in his rookie year in the 450 class. 

Yep, that is a bunch of Stacyc bikes saran wrapped together for better storage. Again Stacyc will have demo rides for the little ones in Oakland. 

Getting the PC pits dialed in. 

Rockstar Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson is gaining momentum every weekend.

There is the famous Oakland stadium. Even better is what is in front of it. You see the freestyle ramp and landing? Freestyle riders will be putting on a show in the Oakland pits tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

It looks like the East Coast TLD riders of Pierce Brown and Brian Moreau will be signing autographs tomorrow in the pits. 

Isn’t that the longest broom you have ever seem? Here the KTM crew cleans the top of the KTM canopy. 

Michael Mosiman is a Northern California local from Sonoma County and he’s fresh off his first 250SX podium. He and the other Rockstar Husqvarna riders did a lot of interviews before the press day riding began.

The Honda Penrite team setting up. 

A sneak peak of the Oakland Supercross track. 

Zach Osborne broke out some new Gaerne SG12 boots today in Oakland. We expect to see a lot of riders wearing these boots next weekend for the military appreciation race in San Diego.

Eli Tomac’s mechanic, Brian Kranz going through sound. The Factory Kawi guys got a bunch of mufflers passed, that way if any of them break tomorrow, they’re back ups will be ready to go.  

The Oakland stadium tunnel heading into the track.

Mitchell Oldenburg and Zach Osborne were the first two riders to launch the big double into the sand. 

Mike’s Hard Lemonade has a Suzuki teeter-totter in the pits for the fans to ride. 

Justin Brayton’s CRF450 titanium gas tank. 

Michael Mosiman didn’t send the big double, but he did launch pretty high off the single into the sand section anyway. 


Zach Osborne was happy to be one of the first riders to double the massive single to single wall section into the sand. 

Drool…More nitrite coating. 

And some more. 

We are not done. And some more. 

Okay last one. This one is a nitrate coated shock off of Austin Forker’s Pro Circuit KX250.

We hope this Yosh RS-12 exhaust will be sold to the public. 

The Star Racing team is catching the Pro Circuit Kawi team with number one plates fast.  

Two of Chad Reed’s Mountain Motorsports CRF450s. 

And here is Chad Reed’s spare bike still in the rig. 

Michael Mosiman on the charge.


MCR wheels that need to be freshened up. 

Jason Anderson’s Factory Husqvarna wrench, Chris Loredo cheezin’. 

Justin Hill scootin’ around with his fanny pack. 

Yamaha getting their Pro Circuit exhausts in order for the Factory 450 team. 

The “get everything done” tool box. 

Lunch is served for the Factory KTM boys. 

Everything is better with some BBQ sauce.

The wrench of Cooper Webb, Carlos Rivera.

This is John Tillman. He is probably the biggest Supercross fan you will ever meet. He is the man in charge of all the flaggers for the Supercross series and on Fridays he goes through the pits and gathers jerseys and number plates to give out to the flaggers each weekend. We appreciate John because he works hard to make sure the flaggers are informed and have everything they need to know.

The inside of a Showa spring fork. 

Vince Friese’s wrench, Aaron Mrozek heading to sound testing.

Fans produce a lot of trash. This machine crunches it down to make more room in the dumpster. 

The bones of Justin Brayton’s Factory Honda CRF450. 

Luke Clout’s Penrite CRF250. 

Martin Davalos’ Tedder Racing KTM 450SXF.

Dean Wilson’s Astar Tech 10 boot.

Kyle Cunningham’s RM-Z450. 

 Daniel Castloo putting the finishing touches on Michael Mosiman’s Husky FC250. 

Memorabilia or junk?

 Carlen Gardener is the BWR team owner and racer. Although he has an injury he is working through. 

Photo blast of the trick parts on Austin Forkner’s Pro Circuit KX250. This is the PC titanium catch tank. 

Showa forks on Austin’s bike. 

Wire tied parts look rad. 

Pro Circuit exhaust. 

Check out the adjustable cam chain tensioner . 

Raw power. 

Looks like some riders are running the Tubliss Gen 2

Kenny Day getting all the AStar boots cleaned up. 

New ride for Carson Brown?

The power that gets everything to the races. 

Yes, it actually says Holy Toledo inside Oakland Stadium. 


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