Coming into the 2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Round 13, Eli Tomac holds a 13-point lead over Ken Roczen and a 29-point gap on Cooper Webb. With five rounds left, Eli normally be feeling pretty comfortable with his points lead, but the muddy conditions at Round 13 will certainly spike the pressure for the red plate holder. Cooper Webb posted on his instagram story on Saturday before the Sunday race “let it rain, let it rain.” Cooper is happy to have the the mud in Salt Lake City and he’s hoping to grab another win to keep himself in the 450SX title fight. See below for 450 Heat race, LCQ and Main Event Results that will be updated throughout the day.

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Eli Tomac battles to the end wins the Main Event at Round 13.

Zach Osborne and Cooper Webb were up front on the start with Osborne taking the lead and Eli Tomac in third. Webb was very aggressive on the first lap though and he was all over Osborne. Then, on lap two Cooper was able to pass Osborne and then Tomac got by Osborne at the same time. Ken Roczen found himself in fourth early with Anderson fifth. Ken Roczen got ran into by Jason Anderson with just over 15-minutes left and this put Ken off balance and Jason Anderson was able to get around him. Eli Tomac stalked Cooper Webb for a few laps but finally was able to make it by Cooper in the whoop section. Later Jason Anderson block passed his teammate Zach Osborne and Malcolm Stewart got around Ken Roczen in the whoops. Cooper Webb hung with Tomac for about ten minutes and then he got close, starting pushing pressure on Tomac and finally, after running into Aaron Plessinger while trying to make the pass, Webb finally got around Tomac, while they both simultaneously put Ken Roczen a lap down. Then, with two and a half minutes plus one lap Tomac was able to block pass Webb and get back into the lead again. Cooper tried hard and put on an amazing charge to pressure Eli until the final corner, but Tomac was able to hold on and extend his points lead once again.

1 3 Eli Tomac
2 1 Cooper Webb
3 21 Jason Anderson
4 16 Zach Osborne
5 27 Malcolm Stewart
6 15 Dean Wilson
7 10 Justin Brayton
8 37 Martin Davalos
9 51 Justin Barcia
10 94 Ken Roczen
11 7 Aaron Plessinger
12 4 Blake Baggett
13 50 Benny Bloss
14 22 Chad Reed
15 46 Justin Hill
16 64 Vince Friese
17 20 Broc Tickle
18 11 Kyle Chisholm
19 44 Kyle Cunningham
20 34 Tyler Bowers
21 71 Ryan Breece
22 88 Logan Karnow

Cooper Webb fought with everything he had to beat Eli Tomac and it made for an amazing race to watch.

Ken Roczen was strong in his Heat race, but in the Main Event he struggled. He was lapped twice by the leaders and finished 10th place.


Kyle Cunningham went down in his Heat race, but he qualified for the Main Event through the LCQ.

Ryan Breece and Freddie Noren were up front early, but Kyle Chisholm was able to get by Noren in the second turn. The wind has also picked up in SLC and there’s rain in the forecast. Broc Tickle found himself outside of the top four and he had the pressure on to get into the Main Event after breaking his pinky finger at the first Salt Lake City Supercross one week prior. Carlen Gardner held the four spot with Noren and Tickle fifth and sixth, but Freddie Noren was able to pass Gardner in the whoop section with two-minutes and a lap to go. Then, Tickle was able to block pass Gardner and pass Noren in the whoop section immediately after to grab the final transfer position. On the last lap Ryan Breece went down in the whoops and dropped to fourth, Freddie Noren almost passed him in the final corner, but Breece ran into him in the last corner and took him down.

1 11 Kyle Chisholm
2 44 Kyle Cunningham
3 20 Broc Tickle
4 71 Ryan Breece
5 722 Adam Enticknap
6 280 Cade Clason
7 31 Fredrik Noren
8 69 Carlen Gardner
9 824 Carter Stephenson
10 282 Theodore Pauli
11 509 Alexander Nagy
12 86 Joshua Cartwright
13 597 Mason Kerr
14 447 Deven Raper
15 501 Scotty Wennerstrom
16 976 Josh Greco
17 651 Jake Hogan
18 211 Tevin Tapia
19 114 Nick Schmidt
20 996 Preston Taylor
21 61 Alex Ray



Jason Anderson wins 450 Heat number two.

Zach Osborne is hot off a good race on Wednesday in Salt Lake City and in the second 450 Heat race he grabbed a huge holeshot and led early in the Heat. Jason Anderson was around the four spot off the start, but he quickly made his way into second and then he passed his teammate, Osborne for the lead. Eli Tomac was fifth with just over two and a half minutes plus one lap to go. The track is getting better and better now, the ruts are still a challenge, but the sun is out now and the track is starting to dry out and harden up. Eli Tomac caught up to the back of Barcia and made the pass, but Justin wasn’t happy and came back strong in the next turn to block pass Eli and get the position back. Then, Eli Tomac was able to pass Barcia back right away as Justin made a mistake in the rhythm. At the same time, Aaron Plessinger made a big mistake and both Tomac and Barcia got around him. This gave Eli third place and sixth gate pick for the Main Event.

1 21 Jason Anderson
2 16 Zach Osborne
3 3 Eli Tomac
4 51 Justin Barcia
5 7 Aaron Plessinger
6 4 Blake Baggett
7 37 Martin Davalos
8 46 Justin Hill
9 64 Vince Friese
10 20 Broc Tickle
11 280 Cade Clason
12 44 Kyle Cunningham
13 722 Adam Enticknap
14 11 Kyle Chisholm
15 114 Nick Schmidt
16 509 Alexander Nagy
17 282 Theodore Pauli
18 976 Josh Greco
19 651 Jake Hogan
20 211 Tevin Tapia

Here’s Justin Barcia as he ran into Eli Tomac to pass him. Soon after Eli Tomac passed him back. 


Ken Roczen finished second with a flat tire in the first 450 Heat race.

Cooper Webb grabbed the holeshot with Ken Roczen close behind in second. Ken looked aggressive on the first lap doing everything he can to stick with Webb, but Cooper was also maintaining a fast pace. Then, Webb made a mistake on lap two and Roczen got by him in the rhythm section to take over the lead. Meanwhile, Justin Brayton and Malcolm Stewart battled for the third position and Malcolm was able to get around Justin to secure the spot. With just one minute and a lap to go Cooper Webb got up close to Ken and was able to pass him, but then a lapped rider blocked Webb by accident and Ken was able to get back out front. Then, one lap later, Cooper was close to making the pass again, but Ken Roczen slowed down and let him by while he looked down at his rear tire only to find that he had a flat.

1 1 Cooper Webb
2 94 Ken Roczen
3 10 Justin Brayton
4 15 Dean Wilson
5 50 Benny Bloss
6 27 Malcolm Stewart
7 22 Chad Reed
8 34 Tyler Bowers
9 88 Logan Karnow
10 71 Ryan Breece
11 69 Carlen Gardner
12 31 Fredrik Noren
13 996 Preston Taylor
14 824 Carter Stephenson
15 86 Joshua Cartwright
16 597 Mason Kerr
17 501 Scotty Wennerstrom
18 61 Alex Ray
19 447 Deven Raper

Cooper Webb won the first 450 Heat race of the night.


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