The 2020 San Diego Supercross is round six of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season and all of the riders are fired up and ready to finish off the opening rounds on the West coast strong before the series heads East to Tampa, Florida next weekend. Ken Roczen is coming in with the points lead in the 450 class while Eli Tomac sits second and Justin Barcia is third. Cooper Webb is also coming in to the SD SX hot off a an big night in Oakland where he passed Ken Roczen in the final corner of the race.


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Cooper Webb, Adam Cianciarulo and Blake Baggett shake each others hands after the race.

Blake Baggett grabbed the holeshot, but he wasn’t able to hold onto it. Cooper Webb took over the lead with Cianciarulo second early. Then, Adam shoved Cooper out of the way in a big aggressive power move in the turn before the whoops. Cooper got up side-by-side with him in the next whoop section, but Adam was able to hold him off. Aaron Plessinger ran third early and he was going quick and keeping pace with Webb. Baggett was fourth, Stewart fifth, Barcia sixth, Roczen seventh and Tomac eighth. Jason Anderson shoved Brayton off the track before the rhythm section and Brayton wasn’t happy. He jumped back on the track and immediately took Anderson down in the next corner. Aaron Plessinger went down in the corner before the whoops and everybody immediately behind him moved up a position. Roczen and Tomac were still sixth and seventh with 13 minutes left in the race and Eli Tomac block passed Ken to grab his position. Cooper Webb continued to stalk Cianciarulo as the track was continuing to get more and more slick. Justin Barcia and Eli Tomac took turns block passing each other and they had the crowds attention in the battle for fourth. With two minutes left Cooper Webb made the pass on Cianciarulo for the lead and went on to win the race.

1 1 Cooper Webb
2 9 Adam Cianciarulo
3 4 Blake Baggett
4 3 Eli Tomac
5 51 Justin Barcia
6 94 Ken Roczen
7 10 Justin Brayton
8 27 Malcolm Stewart
9 46 Justin Hill
10 7 Aaron Plessinger
11 16 Zach Osborne
12 37 Martin Davalos
13 15 Dean Wilson
14 21 Jason Anderson
15 64 Vince Friese
16 34 Tyler Bowers
17 50 Benny Bloss
18 11 Kyle Chisholm
19 61 Alex Ray
20 817 Jason Clermont
21 22 Chad Reed
22 71 Ryan Breece

Adam Cianciarulo fought hard to finish second in San Diego. 

Ken Roczen finished sixth in San Diego.


Benny Bloss won the 450 LCQ.

Benny Bloss got into the lead early and checked out in the 450 LCQ, while Jason Clermont battled hard with Kyle Chisholm over second place, passing him back and forth until finally Chisholm was able to secure the spot. Then, Clermont would hold on to finish third while Alex Ray finished fourth and grabbed the final transfer spot.

1 50 Benny Bloss
2 11 Kyle Chisholm
3 817 Jason Clermont
4 61 Alex Ray
5 43 John Short
6 722 Adam Enticknap
7 86 Joshua Cartwright
8 82 Cade Autenrieth
9 114 Nick Schmidt
10 330 Aj Catanzaro
11 65 James Weeks
12 44 Kyle Cunningham
13 230 Joel Wightman
14 981 Curren Thurman
15 282 Theodore Pauli
16 509 Alexander Nagy
17 211 Tevin Tapia
18 976 Josh Greco
19 280 Cade Clason
20 67 Jerry Robin
21 848 Joan Cros
22 92 Austin Politelli



Justin Brayton is strong in the whoops and it’s helping him a lot tonight in San Diego. 

Adam Cianciarulo grabbed the holeshot and lead in the second 450 Heat race with Blake Baggett in second, but Justin Brayton was able to get around Blake early and inherit second spot. Jason Anderson found himself battling with Dean Wilson his teammate around the five spot early in the race. Jason got around him and started catching Baggett and Brayton to battle for second while Adam pulled a lead on the group. Jason Anderson made good use of the off camber corner and got around Blake Baggett, but right after he got by, his bike started having issues and Anderson started to loose positions on the final lap. Jason was able to limp his bike to the finish line, not jumping any triples, to finish fifth.

1 9 Adam Cianciarulo
2 10 Justin Brayton
3 4 Blake Baggett
4 51 Justin Barcia
5 21 Jason Anderson
6 27 Malcolm Stewart
7 15 Dean Wilson
8 34 Tyler Bowers
9 71 Ryan Breece
10 50 Benny Bloss
11 817 Jason Clermont
12 86 Joshua Cartwright
13 92 Austin Politelli
14 114 Nick Schmidt
15 280 Cade Clason
16 330 Aj Catanzaro
17 44 Kyle Cunningham
18 981 Curren Thurman
19 282 Theodore Pauli
20 976 Josh Greco

Justin Barcia finished fourth in the second 450 Heat race.


Up close with Zach Osborne coming into the first turn.

Ken Roczen grabbed the holeshot and he was way out in front of the other riders coming out of the gate. Zach Osborne was second and Cooper Webb third off the start, but Cooper would slide out on the first lap and drop way back. Justin Hill would then inherit third with Martin Davalos on his tail. Ken Roczen began to pull a big lead while Justin Hill closed in on Osborne for second. Eli Tomac was buried back in the pack early in the race, but he fought his way up to third and almost passed Osborne for second on the final lap. Cooper Webb came back to finish sixth.

1 94 Ken Roczen
2 16 Zach Osborne
3 3 Eli Tomac
4 46 Justin Hill
5 7 Aaron Plessinger
6 1 Cooper Webb
7 37 Martin Davalos
8 64 Vince Friese
9 22 Chad Reed
10 11 Kyle Chisholm
11 82 Cade Autenrieth
12 65 James Weeks
13 722 Adam Enticknap
14 67 Jerry Robin
15 43 John Short
16 848 Joan Cros
17 230 Joel Wightman
18 509 Alexander Nagy
19 211 Tevin Tapia
20 61 Alex Ray

Ken Roczen grabbed the win in the first 450 Heat race.

Zach Osborne finished second in the first 450 Heat race of the night.


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