Updated 4/28/20:
Originally announced by RacerX, the hopeful return date for the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season was tentatively set for May 15th, but now reports are saying that the series is looking to be pushed back another two weeks to begin on Sunday May 31st. Accordingly, the AMA Pro Nationals could be further delayed until July 4th as well.

Ken Roczen (94) held off Eli Tomac (3) to win the January 25 Glendale Supercross in State Farm Stadium. These two will be expected to battle for the title when the Supercross series resumes.

Posted on MXA 4/21/20
According to a source at a competing television network, which you should take with a grain of salt, there is a tentative plan to resume the 2020 Supercross series, which was stopped after round 10 of the 17-round series because of coronavirus restrictions, by holding seven races in State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Although rumors have already spread about this possible plan, the kicker is that these races would be held on Friday nights and Monday nights. It would be a made-for-televsion series. There would be no spectators allowed in the stadium and the Supercross promoters would have to limited the total number of people, including riders, mechanics, team managers, team crew chiefs, AMA officials, Feld Motorsport personnel, media, television cameramen, track medics and flaggers to a couple hundred people.

The first race would held on the first available Friday in May (based on when the track, teams, riders and television crew could be ready)—most likely Friday, May 15. The second race would be held on the following Monday on May 18. The Friday-Monday race schedule would continue for three weeks — accounting for six of the unfinished races. The seventh and final race would be tagged onto the end some time in June.

Why are the races being held on Monday and Friday instead of Saturday and Sunday? According to the television media expert, those would be the only consistent time-slots available for a three-hour live TV show (since Supercross had to pass on its contracted Saturday slots when the rest of the season was canceled and could not be televised). Why the rush? Under its contracts with the series sponsors, Feld could lose millions of dollars in prorated sponsorship money that would have to be returned to sponsors, if they didn’t complete all 17 rounds.

The State Farm Stadium track layout from back on January 25. If they do race in May, expect the track to be changed for every race.

Some of our sources have also mentioned that Feld is working together with the CDC to make this happen. Rumor has it that the CDC is looking to see a consistent decline in Coronavirus cases over a 14-day period before they allow the races to be held in Phoenix. If there’s another spike in cases on day 12 of the quarantine, then the 14-day schedule starts over again, pushing all scheduled events back.

Since the proposed Supercross season might possibly push into June, MX Sports might be asked to cancel the Florida National currently scheduled on June 13 at WW Ranch in Jacksonville, Florida—which would make Mt. Morris the first AMA National on June 20. The first open weekends to reschedule Jacksonville would be August 1st or August 8th (or as the final race the 2020 AMA National season, following Pala—around September 12th).

Obviously, all of this depends on the coronavirus situation in Phoenix as the organizers get closer to May. This tentative plan could fall through, be changed substantially or shortened, in which case the Supercross promoters might return to their original idea of finishing the 2020 Supercross series in September and October.


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