The riders and teams are back in Arlington for the twelfth round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season. With them, brings plenty of customized bikes, tricked out from head to toe for each and every rider.  The teams had a few more days to strip apart their rides for the Saturday race as compared to the round prior where the majority of the teams stripped the bikes apart in one or two days. MXA’s Brian Converse was on scene to capture all the sights and sounds of the pits before the racing commences in Arlington.


Photos by Brian Converse

Mitch Payton and the crew hanging out under the canopy. 

Pierce Brown may not be racing today, but the team still displays his very clean bike. 

The KTM Jr. SX bikes in full force at Arlington. 

The little ones even have their own riders meeting.

Jarrett Frye’s Yamaha steed sitting under the Star Yamaha canopy.

A TLD RedBull helmet getting warmed up before the practices begin. 

Coty Schock has been riding exceptionally well on the FXR/Chaparral/Honda ride, sitting ninth in points. 

Hunter Lawrence’s bike holding onto the red plate after Tuesday’s win. 

Kevin Moranz has been on our radar ever since he decided to race both coasts, starting out the West Coast season in the 450 class onboard a 250. Kevin had a devastating engine failure in the 450 Main on Tuesday, pushing his bike all the way through the checkers at the very end. Searching for an engine, he got a delivery from KTM with a stock engine, and in a day he got his bike altogether for the twelfth round of the season. It doesn’t get much more privateer than this. We’re rooting for all the privateers who have to endure many struggles that the factory riders simply don’t have. 

The ClubMx squad getting some last-minute TLC before practice. 

Brandon Hartranft’s bike getting a little bit of that Texas morning sun. 

With how well AP has been riding, we may possibly see him get another top 10 or 5 finish at the last Arlington round. 

Carson Brown isn’t back at the races yet but his bike can be seen waiting for the rider’s return. 

Broc Tickle’s ride equipped with FCP racing mounts. 

It is pretty cool how customized everything is at the factory rigs. 

Cameron McAdoo patiently waiting for practice to start.

Jordon Smith is starting to turn indestructible with all of the physical ailments he has acquired throughout this season already. 

Jalek Swoll had a great finish at the round prior, finishing in second place to Hunter Lawrence. 

Another view of Coty Schock’s bike. 

Eli Tomac’s rocket ship. Will Eli catch up to Ken and Cooper in the points chase. 

Phoenix Racing’s mechanics are probably not happy that they have to wake up so early for this Supercross thing. 

But they do a pretty amazing job at making the bikes look like this. 

It was a ghost town in the early morning at Arlington. 

Mitchell Harrison’s Muc-Off Honda ride. Mitchell got a great start at the 250 Main at Arlington 2 but lost energy, slowly falling through the pack. Will he keep up with the front runners at the third round?

We can’t help but always notice the extraordinary seat foam that is on Benny Bloss’s bike. 

Justin Cooper’s bike getting warmed up in the early morning. 

Derek Kelly’s bike sitting under AJE Motorsports tent. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the scooters are the most popular mode of transportation for the riders and teams. It’s scooter season baby. Also look at the little dog in the background, unfortunately out of focus. 

Justin Barcia’s bike with its reflective surfaces. Now if only our bikes can remain that shiny for more than a day. 

Looks like Mitchell Oldenburg is back for some more racing as Brayton suffered another injury at Arlington 2. 

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