The 2020 AMA Nationals are here at the hot and humid WW Ranch located in Jacksonville, Florida. This was the second time Pro Motocross has raced at the flat and sandy WW Ranch that features very little elevation change. However, the track builders put in the work mixing up a nice course for the riders to race on and they added large jump features to make sure the Pros spend some time in the air. Once we again we saw very strong results from Star Yamaha and especially Dylan Ferrandis who ran the fastest lap times in both sessions of qualifying earning him the overall combined qualifying position followed by his teammate Justin Cooper. Last year, Justin went 2-2 in the 250 class got the overall and which is his only Pro Motocross overall win to date. Last year we also saw a surprise appearance at the front by young Derek Drake in his rookie season.

The 250 class is stacked with great riders who have been around for a few years, however some younger guys like Jett Lawrence, Jo Shimoda, and Justin Cooper weren’t going to make it easy for them. Where the real exciting action in the 250 class was leading into Round 7, was none other than the top two riders, Jeremy Martin and Dylan Ferrandis battling it out at Millville. Coming into WW Ranch, the competition at the front had a measly gap of 3-points separating them. At Millville we saw incredible speed from the Frenchman but Jeremy’s shear determination took over and the racing that took place was awesome. For half of the lap we saw Dylan pull away and on the second half we saw Jermey fight his way back leading to a drag race at the finish. Round 6 at Millville set the stage for another day of great racing in Florida. See below for how the 250 class unfolded at WW Ranch.



Alex Martin nearly had a bad crash with Cameron McAdoo in the second moto.

250 Moto 2 was underway and again the blue bikes got the headstart. Justin Cooper took the holeshot followed by teammates Dylan Ferrandis and Shane McElrath. Cameron McAdoo ran in fourth, Alex Martin was fifth, and Brandon Hartranft in sixth. Second in points is Jeremy Martin and he made the pass on Brandon Hartranft for sixth and put some pressure on his older brother Alex Martin. Rj Hampshire who had a very gnarly crash in the first moto made his way up to seventh place. Alex Martin and Cameron McAdoo had a very close call when battling on one of the man-made uphills. The two Martin brothers then sat in fourth and fifth. Just like how we saw the first moto, Dylan got a very good start and it wasn’t for long that he would start pulling away from the pack.

Alex Martin tagged the rear wheel of his brother Jeremy and unfortunately Alex went down but got his bike back up relatively fast. Unlike the first moto, it appeared that Shane McElrath had found his rhythm and held onto his third position for quite some time rather than dropping backwards in the pack. Jeremy Martin started closing the gap on McElrath, but the two were still 12-seconds behind the leader. Justin Cooper continued to ride strong as he held onto the second position with more than half of the race over. With 10-minutes remaining, Dylan has already set a very comfortable lead while his competition for the championship battles for third place with McElrath.

Shane McElrath made it difficult for Jeremy Martin to make a pass.

Jeremy made an attempt to pass Shane but was not able to after Shane fought back and pushed Jeremy to the edge of the track. Shane was riding well in 250 Moto 2 and he was looking for redemption after dropping back to 7th in Moto 1. Shane continued to stay in front of Jeremy until the two lap board came up when Jeremy finally made a pass. Dylan would go 1-1 for the day making it look easy with how much time he put in between himself and the rest of the competition.

POS. RIDER Moto 1 & 2
1 Dylan Ferrandis 1 1
2 Justin Cooper 4 2
3 Jeremy Martin 3 3
4 Jett Lawrence 2 5
5 Shane McElrath 7 4
6 Alex Martin 5 7
7 Cameron Mcadoo 9 8
8 Jo Shimoda 8 10
9 Carson Mumford 10 11
10 Brandon Hartranft 13 9
11 Jarrett Frye 12 12
12 RJ Hampshire 35 6
13 Mitchell Harrison 11 16
14 Hunter Lawrence 6 39
15 Nick Gaines 15 13
16 Joseph Crown 16 15
17 Hardy Munoz 14 18
18 Kevin Moranz 21 14
19 Jerry Robin 20 17
20 Jalek Swoll 17 DNF
21 Derek Kelley 18 23
22 Mason Gonzales 19 DNF
23 Colton Eigenmann 24 21
24 Curren Thurman 25 19
25 Jesse Flock 26 20
26 Ezra Hastings 28 22
27 Austin Root 23 27
28 Maxwell Sanford 29 24
29 Lane Shaw 33 25
30 Joshua Varize 27 31
31 Jake Pinhancos 30 29
32 Mathias Jorgensen 22 37
33 Brett Greenley 32 28
34 Kyle Greeson 36 26
35 Matthew Klann 34 30
36 Gared Steinke 31 36
37 Gage Schehr 39 38
38 Jordan Jarvis DNF 32
39 Michael Lacore DNF 33
40 Austin Cozadd DNF 34
41 Hayden Hefner DNF 35
42 Derek Drake 37 DNF
43 Conner Burger 38 DNF
44 Gabe Gutierres 40 DNF
45 Chad Stonier DNF 40



Click here to see the crash video from RJ Hampshire in 250 Moto 1.


Dylan sporting the red, white, and blue with the same colors flowing in the background. 

Star Racing jumped out to an early lead with Shane McElrath getting the holeshot getting chased by his teammate Dylan Ferrandis. Amidst all the chaos, Florida native Rj Hampshire snuck through the field to pass Dylan and take the second position. The racing was close as the top 10 riders were all within 6-seconds of each other. FC Honda riders Jeremy Martin and Jett Lawrence followed in fourth and fifth. By the second lap Jeremy Martin had already set his eyes on the Frenchman and was seeking a pass but unfortunately would get passed by the young Aussie Jett Lawrence. Three laps in, Shane McElrath already set a second long gap in between him and Hampshire who would drag race with Ferrandis. Hampshire and Ferrandis battling would end up making both of them catch up to the current leader McElrath. Dylan Ferrandis closed the gap on his teammate and would make the pass. With so many riders so close to each other for such a long time, the racers were shuffling in between each other. The 83 of Jett Lawrence charged hard into the vicinity of Hampshire. It didn’t take long for Jett to pass Shane and by this time, Dylan Ferrandis had already set a remarkably large 5-second gap on the rest of the field.

Jett Lawrence would put a good fight getting him second in the first moto.

The exciting racing was not over yet as with only 10 minutes in, second in points Jeremy Martin started to make up some positions passing McElrath for fourth place. Anything worse than second place for Jeremy would be a heavy blow in points for the 2020 season. With half of the moto underway, Ferrandis sat first followed by Jett Lawrence and Rj Hampshire and a small gap between him and Jeremy Martin. Justin Cooper made the pass on his teammate McElrath for fifth and the Troll Train Alex Martin closed the gap on the #12 Rider. Alex Martin made the pass on McElrath for sixth place. Shane McElrath got the holeshot and led the race for a lap but unfortunately would keep falling down the ranks getting chased by the older Australian brother Hunter Lawrence. With 10 Minutes left, Dylan was racing a completely separate race from everyone else.

Rj Hampshire had a huge get off in the first moto.

Leading with more than 13 seconds on second place Jett Lawrence, this was Dylan’s race to win unless he made a devastating mistake. Jett’s speed would fade as Rj Hampshire got closer every lap. The track was showing wear and tear as the best laps of the top riders were much longer than those in the first round of qualifying. Jett felt the heat of Rj Hampshire on him and put on a slightly larger gap to let his teammate Jeremy Martin catch up to Rj. It was essential for Jeremy to get as many points as he could from WW ranch with only two rounds of Pro Motocross left. Rj Hampshire suffered a major rach leaving his bike mangled and warped but managed to ride off. Dylan Ferrandis would win the first round of the 2020 WW Ranch National.

1 14 Dylan Ferrandis 2:08.987
2 83 Jett Lawrence 2:10.683
3 6 Jeremy Martin 2:11.129
4 32 Justin Cooper 2:11.410
5 26 Alex Martin 2:11.655
6 35 Hunter Lawrence 2:12.399
7 12 Shane McElrath 2:11.514
8 84 Jo Shimoda 2:13.394
9 29 Cameron Mcadoo 2:12.737
10 220 Carson Mumford 2:13.896
11 74 Mitchell Harrison 2:14.315
12 134 Jarrett Frye 2:13.188
13 30 Brandon Hartranft 2:15.465
14 373 Hardy Munoz 2:15.605
15 68 Nick Gaines 2:16.173
16 355 Joseph Crown 2:14.514
17 352 Jalek Swoll 2:13.582
18 227 Derek Kelley 2:15.840
19 239 Mason Gonzales 2:16.328
20 67 Jerry Robin 2:18.611
21 77 Kevin Moranz 2:19.563
22 221 Mathias Jorgensen 2:17.250
23 130 Austin Root 2:18.417
24 815 Colton Eigenmann 2:19.306
25 981 Curren Thurman 2:18.648
26 667 Jesse Flock 2:19.100
27 387 Joshua Varize 2:18.750
28 251 Ezra Hastings 2:18.727
29 162 Maxwell Sanford 2:24.006
30 701 Jake Pinhancos 2:24.793
31 726 Gared Steinke 2:21.962
32 266 Brett Greenley 2:23.865
33 124 Lane Shaw 2:23.720
34 164 Matthew Klann 2:24.714
35 24 RJ Hampshire 2:11.400
36 204 Kyle Greeson 2:23.689
37 57 Derek Drake 2:13.001
38 379 Conner Burger 2:28.336
39 188 Gage Schehr 2:22.035
40 491 Gabe Gutierres 2:20.490



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