After crashing in the second turn, Martin Castelo passed his way through the pack to take the final transfer position in the 250 LCQ.

Round 13 is officially underway in the Houston Texans NRG Stadium and the track is looking great so far. The orange Texas dirt is almost a polar opposite from the hard pack, slick and rocky dirt we had last Saturday in Seattle. The quality dirt in Houston has been used to make another cool track with some unique obstacles. It has a two whoop sections, the finish line is a triple that goes straight into an over under jump, and it has a wall jump that launches the riders into a sand roller section. The sand has been a topic of discussion this year between the riders and fans, some like it and some don’t.


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Brandon Leith win his first ever 250 LCQ and qualifies for the Triple Crown main events tonight in Houston. 

The 250 LCQ in Houston was pure carnage. With a first turn pile up, a crash in the second corner, a crash in the third corner, riders going down in the whoops and more. Vann Martin grabbed the holeshot at his hometown Supercross and he had a comfortable lead before he crashed in the whoops. Martin Castelo was the rider who went down in turn two, but he was able to pick up his Husqvarna quickly and remount a charge through the pack to finish fourth and take the final transfer position in the 250 main events.


1 68 Brandan Leith
2 83 Killian Auberson
3 221 Mathias Jorgensen
4 72 Martin Castelo
5 216 Devin Harriman
6 348 Joan Cros
7 255 Johnny Garcia
8 214 Vann Martin
9 395 Charl Van Eeden
10 621 Rj Wageman
11 427 Deegan Vonlossberg

Local Texan, Vann Martin was leading and looking good in the 250 LCQ. Unfortunately he went down in the whoops and finished eighth.

Practice is over and the timed qualifying results are in for the 250 West class in Houston. The top 18 riders earned their way straight to the main events while the rest will turn around and race in the LCQ this afternoon. The top four riders in the 250 LCQ will transfer to the three main events and the rest will have to try again at the Denver Supercross in three weeks.


1 Adam Cianciarulo 47.431
2 Dylan Ferrandis 47.517
3 Chris Blose 48.494
4 Rj Hampshire 48.710
5 Colt Nichols 48.790
6 Michael Mosiman 48.809
7 James Decotis 48.947
8 Jacob Hayes 49.432
9 Garrett Marchbanks 49.616
10 Cameron Mcadoo 50.241
11 Justin Starling 50.546
12 Sean Cantrell 51.354
13 Robbie Wageman 51.637
14 Michael Leib 51.652
15 Bradley Lionnet 51.755
16 Chris Howell 51.764
17 Dylan Merriam 51.800
18 Logan Karnow 51.933
19 Killian Auberson 52.070
20 Martin Castelo 52.398
21 Mathias Jorgensen 52.538
22 Brandan Leith 52.593
23 Vann Martin 52.861
24 Joan Cros 54.296
25 Johnny Garcia 54.354
26 Devin Harriman 54.461
27 Deegan Vonlossberg 55.668
28 Charl Van Eeden 56.009
29 Rj Wageman 56.455

Dylan Ferrandis went back and forth with Adam Cianciarulo in qualifying. His best time was .1 slower than Adam’s.

Chris Blose looks good in Houston, he qualified third overall. 

Rj Hampshire improved his time in the second session to qualify fourth.

Triple Crown Race Day format breakdown:

The top 18 from the overall fastest qualifying times during the day will advance straight to the main event. There will then be an LCQ that add four more riders for a total of 22 racers in the main event. During the night show, there won’t be any heat races or LCQ’s but each class will have three main events. The 250SX class will compete in three 10-minute main events, while the 450SX class will compete in three 12-minute main events. An Olympic-style scoring method will be used to determine an overall winner in each class from all three main events where the lowest combined score at the end will be awarded the overall win.

Adam Cianciarulo was fastest in the first 250 qualifying session. 


In the first 250 qualifying session it was Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis who got out front early and laid down some fast laps. The track is proving to be tough for everyone. We’ve seen many riders make mistakes in the whoops. Both Sean Cantrell and Cameron McAdoo have gone down in the whoop section so far.

1 Adam Cianciarulo 47.959
2 Dylan Ferrandis 48.162
3 Chris Blose 48.494
4 Michael Mosiman 48.809
5 Colt Nichols 49.057
6 James Decotis 49.401
7 Garrett Marchbanks 49.616
8 Rj Hampshire 49.684
9 Jacob Hayes 50.504
10 Cameron Mcadoo 50.614
11 Justin Starling 51.076
12 Robbie Wageman 51.637
13 Martin Castelo 52.535
14 Sean Cantrell 52.880
15 ChrisvHowell 53.171
16 Mathiasv Jorgensen 55.199

Dylan Ferrandis was .2 behind Adam Cianciarulo in the first qualifying session.

Michael Mosiman sits fourth after the first 250 qualifying session in Houston.


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