Pro Motocross made its way to Lakewood Colorado for the 8th round of the AMA Nationals. Thunder Valley is one of the more scenic tracks out of the outdoor circuits and thankfully the riders were given good riding conditions to rip the Colorado dirt. Thunder Valley is a fast-paced track offering plenty of elevation change as the riders race on the green hillside and typically ends up getting quite rough by the second motos. The 250 class was led by 250 veterans Jeremy Martin and Dylan Ferrandis and the championship was getting extremely close for the first place title. Dylan has been extremely consistent and finishes even better when he gets a good start. Jeremy has the will power to finish first but has not been nailing the starts with the same consistency as the Frenchman.

We saw the track drastically deteriorate by the end of the qualifying sessions and none other than Star Yamaha ripping up the majority of the dirt. Their team has been extremely strong this year and it’s no surprise that they would dominate the two qualifying sessions. We even saw new rider Nate Thrasher who jumped the KTM ship to set sail with the blue boys on the Star Yamaha team also qualified very well. After skipping the A class in amateurs, we were surprised to see how much a seasoned rider he looked like in qualifying. One of the uphill sections was throwing off the 250s, unlike the power that the 450s carried.



Justin Cooper rode consistent and would take the overall win. 

Once again, the Blu Cru charged ahead of the pack at the start of the second moto lead by Justin Cooper, Jarrett Frye, and Shane McElrath.Jeremy Martin ran in third place and the current points leader Dylan Ferrandis was all the way back in tenth place. Jeremy quickly made the pass on McElrath and turned the burner on high when attacking Justin Cooper’s spot. This would be the opportunity for Jeremy to make up some points for the championship that he desperately needed. Despite getting passed for second place, Shane McElrath did not give up the charge and continued to ride only a couple of seconds behind Jeremy Martin. Brandon Hartranft sat in fourth place followed by Hunter Lawrence, and then Dylan Ferrandis.

Brandon Hartranft and Hunter Lawrence would have a close battle resulting in Dylan Ferrandis’s inconvenience.

However, Brandon and Hunter got in a battle which ended up in the two getting caught up in the side of the track, and then Dylan ran into the back of the two resulting in a tip over and several lost positions. Hunter Lawrence would make the pass on Brandon Hartranft and Ferrandis would then sit back in eighth behind Alex Martin. Ferrandis then made the pass on Martin flying up one of the uphills. 15 minutes in, Ferrandis was already making back some of the progress that he lost and was ready to make the pass on Brandon Hartranft for fifth place. Ferrandis’s consistency paid off as all he had to do was wait for Brandon to make a mistake to make an easy pass. Jeremy Martin continued to keep pace with Justin Cooper and with 13 minutes and two laps left, battled Cooper for the lead. Jeremy would inch closer and closer but Justin’s line choices kept the number 6 of Jeremy off his tail. Because of the two chasing each other, they both managed to put a gap in between them and the third place of Shane McElrath. However, Hunter Lawrence and Dylan Ferrandis battling for fourth ended up catching up to Shane McElrath.

Hunter Lawrence wasn’t going to make it easy for anyone to pass him. 

Hunter made the pass on the Star Yamaha rider and Ferrandis would do the same. While battling for third, Ferrandis would then make the pass on Lawrence and set his eyes on second place. With two laps left, Justin Cooper still held onto the first place podium position with Jeremy Martin following about 5 seconds behind. It was too late for Jeremy though as Justin would finish first.

1 32 Justin Cooper 2 1
2 14 Dylan Ferrandis 1 3
3 6 Jeremy Martin 4 2
4 12 Shane McElrath 3 5
5 35 Hunter Lawrence 5 4
6 83 Jett Lawrence 6 6
7 84 Jo Shimoda 7 8
8 74 Mitchell Harrison 8 9
9 134 Jarrett Frye 9 10
10 220 Carson Mumford 13 11
11 26 Alex Martin 12 12
12 374 Dilan Schwartz 10 15
13 488 Nathanael Thrasher 11 16
14 30 Brandon Hartranft 22 7
15 60 Mitchell Falk 14 14
16 355 Joseph Crown 40 13
17 380 Preston Kilroy 15 19
18 387 Joshua Varize 19 18
19 67 Jerry Robin 16 37
20 667 Jesse Flock 21 17
21 227 Derek Kelley 18 20
22 68 Nick Gaines 17 40
23 726 Gared Steinke 23 21
24 57 Derek Drake 20
25 188 Gage Schehr 25 22
26 874 Zack Williams 27 23
27 981 Curren Thurman 26 25
28 310 Kai Aiello 28 24
29 251 Ezra Hastings 29 27
30 77 Kevin Moranz 24 34
31 554 Wade Brommel 33 26
32 162 Maxwell Sanford 32 29
33 504 Gerhard Matamoros 31 30
34 135 Robert Fitch, Jr. 34 28
35 124 Lane Shaw 36 32
36 495 Blake Ashley 30 39
37 701 Jake Pinhancos 31
38 289 Otto Berton 33
39 29 Cameron Mcadoo 35
40 204 Kyle Greeson 35
41 410 Tyler Lowe 36
42 815 Colton Eigenmann 37
43 24 RJ Hampshire 38
44 127 Jacob Bork 38
45 239 Mason Gonzales 39



Jeremy Martin would end up fourth place in the first moto. 

With the drop of the gate, Mitchell Harrison lead to grab the holeshot and then within one turn would get passed by Star Yamaha riders Dylan Ferrandis and Shane McElrath. Mitchell Harrison sat in third place and then Justin Cooper made the approach on Harrison. Rj Hampshire sat in fifth place followed by FC Honda riders Hunter Lawrence, Jeremey Martin, and Jo Shimoda for sixth through ninth. In the second lap, Justin Cooper made the pass on Harrison for third place. After making a mistake, Ferrandis had to catch up to McElrath who was currently holding first place. While Ferrandis was putting pressure on McElrath, Cooper was putting pressure on Ferrandis. Justin Cooper qualified fastest in the 250 class for Thunder Valley and it was his time to prove to everyone else that he is a contender for the podium. McElrath made a mistake going up one of the uphills and Ferrandis took the opportunity to make a pass on the following downhill. Four laps in, Rj Hampshire fell over resulting in a loss of several positions.

Unfortunately for Rj, he would have another hard crash this season.

Ten minutes into the race. Ferrandis currently lead followed by teammates Shane McElrath, Justin Cooper, and then Monster Energy rider Mitchell Harrison. Jeremy Martin made the pass on Harrison for fourth place, but unfortunately for Jeremy, he was more than 10 seconds behind his competitor for the championship, Dylan Ferrandis. Just like how we saw at WW Ranch, Dylan started feeling pretty comfortable and a gap between him and the rest of the competition started forming at the 15 minute mark. Unlike WW Ranch, the altitude was also a major factor for the racers. Many of the mechanics and racers described it as being more difficult to breathe at such a higher altitude. While Mitchell Harrison is trying to race his own race, the two brothers from Australia decided it was both of their turns to take the fifth position. Hunter made a close pass on the kawi rider followed by Jett immediately. Mitchell tried to hold the younger brother off but Jett was too quick. Several minutes later, Jett made a mistake and lost those valuable positions that he had just gained.

Dylan Ferrandis would take the first moto win with a comfortable lead. 

With three minutes and two laps to go, a battle for sixth place ensued between Mitchell Harrison, Jo Shimoda, Jett Lawrence. Rj Hampshire followed them closely but went down hard going up one of the uphills. Mitchell would give up his position to the red riders. Ferrandis had a large seven second lead on his teammate Justin Cooper with two laps left. Dylan would end winning the race and adding even more points to his lead. 

1 14 Dylan Ferrandis 2:11.090
2 32 Justin Cooper 2:11.658
3 12 Shane McElrath 2:11.747
4 6 Jeremy Martin 2:12.262
5 35 Hunter Lawrence 2:13.001
6 83 Jett Lawrence 2:12.953
7 84 Jo Shimoda 2:14.011
8 74 Mitchell Harrison 2:12.332
9 134 Jarrett Frye 2:14.542
10 374 Dilan Schwartz 2:15.353
11 488 Nathanael Thrasher 2:15.543
12 26 Alex Martin 2:12.856
13 220 Carson Mumford 2:15.447
14 60 Mitchell Falk 2:16.122
15 380 Preston Kilroy 2:16.447
16 67 Jerry Robin 2:17.326
17 68 Nick Gaines 2:16.999
18 227 Derek Kelley 2:17.956
19 387 Joshua Varize 2:18.047
20 57 Derek Drake 2:15.572
21 667 Jesse Flock 2:18.253
22 30 Brandon Hartranft 2:17.837
23 726 Gared Steinke 2:19.258
24 77 Kevin Moranz 2:20.812
25 188 Gage Schehr 2:18.849
26 981 Curren Thurman 2:21.388
27 874 Zack Williams 2:21.963
28 310 Kai Aiello 2:22.228
29 251 Ezra Hastings 2:23.544
30 495 Blake Ashley 2:23.763
31 504 Gerhard Matamoros 2:24.182
32 162 Maxwell Sanford 2:22.510
33 554 Wade Brommel 2:20.470
34 135 Robert Fitch, Jr. 2:21.872
35 29 Cameron Mcadoo 2:14.452
36 124 Lane Shaw 2:23.721
37 815 Colton Eigenmann 2:22.347
38 24 RJ Hampshire 2:12.794
39 239 Mason Gonzales 2:18.004
40 355 Joseph Crown 2:15.087



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