The ninth round of the 2021 Supercross season has landed at Dayton International Speedway for one of the most highly anticipated races for each season of Supercross. Daytona typically features a giant course thanks to it being outside and on the infield of a NASCAR track. The track boasts longer lap times, variable terrain, and a hybrid of Motocross and Supercross obstacles. In qualifying, we saw Justin Cooper once again rise to the occasion and set the fastest lap time, a whole second faster than the rest of the competitors. However, Daytona isn’t known for being so easy for those who are just good on Supercross. The massive track typically breaks down and soon resembles motocross more than Supercross. This is the most difficult suspension-wise as the racers ride on rock-hard forks across gnarly terrain. Scroll down below to see all the action as we report LIVE from Daytona Beach, Flordia for the ninth round of the 2021 Supercross season.


Photos by Travis Fant and Brian Converse


The racing started slightly later due to several red flags flying in the 250 LCQ.

The Main Event took off and Stilez Robertson grabbed the holeshot leading the night show. Red plate holder, Justin Cooper got a horrible start but quickly started making his way through the pack sitting in 13th. Alex Martin chased in second place with Coty Schock in third. Cameron McAdoo ran in fourth place after passing Hunter Lawrence who went down in the sand section. Justin Cooper made another mistake just before the sand section losing valuable positions he had just gained. Stilez continued to lead the race with Cameron McAdoo now sitting in second. Cameron’s aggressive speed closed the gap on the Husqvarna rider and he was soon knocking on his door.  Pierce Brown started to make passing attempts on Jalek Swoll and eventually, Swoll would make a mistake, leaving Pierce to take his position. Justin Cooper soon started to make passing attempts on Swoll but Hunter Lawrence made a clean pass on both of the riders. A few turns later, Justin Cooper made the pass on Swoll as well. Cameron McAdoo also made the pass on Stilez Robertson for the lead. Cameron’s lead grew at three minutes remaining to over three seconds. Coty Schock continued to hold onto third until Pierce Brown made a pass through a turn, taking the spot in the race. Garrett Marchbanks then sat in fifth with Justin Cooper on his tail. Garrett made the pass on Coty and eventually, Justin followed the ClubMx rider’s lead, passing Coty for fifth. Justin Cooper carried more momentum flying past the mechanic’s area and passed Garrett for fourth. Justin soon set his eyes on Pierce for a podium position but would not take the spot away. Cameron McAdoo would win the 51st Daytona race.

1 31 Cameron Mcadoo
2 67 Stilez Robertson
3 45 Pierce Brown
4 32 Justin Cooper
5 48 Garrett Marchbanks
6 41 Hunter Lawrence
7 26 Alex Martin
8 47 Jalek Swoll
9 72 Coty Schock
10 80 Jordon Smith
11 150 Seth Hammaker
12 59 Jarrett Frye
13 93 Hardy Munoz
14 66 Jordan Bailey
15 60 Chris Blose
16 201 Cedric Soubeyras
17 75 Ty Masterpool
18 951 Ryan Surratt
19 39 Carson Mumford
20 91 Nate Thrasher
21 264 Ryan Sipes
22 35 Mitchell Harrison

Justin Cooper got a terrible start but made a huge comeback, moving all the way up to fourth in the Main Event.


Hunter Lawrence grabbed the holeshot in the second heat race but the good start would not pay off as the race would be restarted.

Hunter Lawrence grabbed the holeshot with a pack of angry 250s on his tail. Ryan Sipes got slammed into the side not intentionally by Hardy Munoz in the second turn. The race got red-flagged after a handful of riders crashed at the Supercross triple.  The second Heat went off for the second time and again, Hunter Lawrence grabbed the holeshot followed by Jordon Smith. Another big crash occurred a lap later with Dilan Schwartz. Mitchell Harrison sat in third place followed by Ryan Sipes with an injured hand. Justin Cooper and Carson Mumford battled for seventh place but Cooper was faster, making his way up to sixth. Hunter Lawrence’s lead grew to almost four seconds while Jordon Smith still hung in second. A big battle for fourth begun between Justin Cooper, Mitchell Harrison, and Stilez Robertson. Mitchell Harrison’s bike stalled through the whoops but thankfully he didn’t go down and would pull out of the race. Hunter Lawrence won the second Heat Race with a massive lead.

1 41 Hunter Lawrence
2 80 Jordon Smith
3 67 Stilez Robertson
4 32 Justin Cooper
5 264 Ryan Sipes
6 48 Garrett Marchbanks
7 201 Cedric Soubeyras
8 39 Carson Mumford
9 59 Jarrett Frye
10 93 Hardy Munoz
11 434 Dustin Winter
12 464 Dominique Thury
13 92 Chase Marquier
14 204 Kyle Greeson
15 77 Jerry Robin
16 208 Logan Leitzel
17 35 Mitchell Harrison
18 412 Jared Lesher
19 90 Dilan Schwartz
20 483 Bryton Carroll

Alex Martin made the full recovery after sustaining a nasty concussion in Orlando 2.


Cameron McAdoo was second fastest during qualifying.

The first 250 Heat took off and in the first turn, a huge pileup occurred just before the rollers. Jalek Swoll took the lead but Seth Hammaker made the pass in a few turns, grabbing first place. In third sat Cameron McAdoo after making a close pass on Joey Crown. Cameron then set his eyes on the Rockstar Factory rider, making the pass through some rollers. Joey Crown then made the pass on Jalek Swoll and a close battle for third would proceed. Pierce Brown squeezed past Swoll and Joey Crown managed to keep his third place position. Cameron McAdoo made progress on his teammate but a mistake in one of the sand sections would be costly. Jordan Bailey eventually made the pass on Jalek Swoll for fifth place with a minute and a half remaining. Pierce Brown gained a lot of momentum in the rhythm section before the finish line, passing Joey Crown. Joey made a mistake two turns later dropping all the way back to the transfer position in the Heat Race. Chris Blose made the pass on Joey Crown for the transfer spot. Cameron made that pass on Seth and quickly ran away with the lead, gaining over four seconds on the 250 rookie.

1 31 Cameron Mcadoo
2 150 Seth Hammaker
3 45 Pierce Brown
4 66 Jordan Bailey
5 26 Alex Martin
6 91 Nate Thrasher
7 47 Jalek Swoll
8 72 Coty Schock
9 60 Chris Blose
10 61 Joey Crown
11 53 Jake Masterpool
12 951 Ryan Surratt
13 75 Ty Masterpool
14 220 Ramyller Alves
15 815 Colton Eigenmann
16 321 Bradley Lionnet
17 446 Blaine Silveira
18 73 Derek Kelley
19 63 Martin Castelo
20 69 Robbie Wageman

Some riders like Jordan Bailey and Ryan Sipes were sporting handguards for this Supercross round. They understand that with how the track is shaping up, protecting the hands was crucial.


Joey Crown grabbed the holeshot in the LCQ twice due to a red flag but unfortunately would be the reason a red flag came out for the third time. 

Joey Crown snagged the holeshot in the Last Chance Qualifier. Hardy Munoz raced Ty Masterpool through one of the long straights and made the pass on Ty. Four turns later, Hardy went down hard right under the over-under. The race would be red-flagged. The race proceeded again with Joey leading the pack twice-over. Hardy Munoz raced in second again with Mitchell Harrison and Jerry Robin in third and fourth. Joey Crown went down after leading the race and appeared to be unconscious in the rhythm, section before the finish. Mitchell then sat in second place before Hardy Munoz. Another red flag would come out, restarting the race for the third time. Thankfully Joey came around and left with Alpinestars medical crew. For the third time, the 250 LCQ took off with Ty Masterpool taking the holeshot. Hardy Munoz sat in second again with Eignmenn in third. Jerry Robin and Ryan Surratt battled for the transfer position. Ryan then moved up into third passing Eigenmann. Mitchell Harrison made the pass on Jerry Robin and the battle for the transfer spot continued. Eigenmann went down in the sand and with nowhere to go, Jerry Robin would go down as well. Hardy Munoz made the pass on Ty Masterpool for first place.

1 93 Hardy Munoz
2 75 Ty Masterpool
3 35 Mitchell Harrison
4 951 Ryan Surratt
5 69 Robbie Wageman
6 53 Jake Masterpool
7 92 Chase Marquier
8 412 Jared Lesher
9 208 Logan Leitzel
10 464 Dominique Thury
11 204 Kyle Greeson
12 321 Bradley Lionnet
13 815 Colton Eigenmann
14 434 Dustin Winter
15 73 Derek Kelley
16 77 Jerry Robin
17 61 Joey Crown
18 220 Ramyller Alves
19 446 Blaine Silveira
20 63 Martin Castelo
21 90 Dilan Schwartz
22 483 Bryton Carroll




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