The second round of the Monster Energy Supercross season is back in NRG stadium located in Houston, Texas and Motocross Action is on the scene to report the race coverage LIVE. With a variation in the track direction with the addition to the layout featuring an all-new sand section, we expect the racing to be equally exciting as the first round in Houston. Riders like Christian Craig, Colt Nichols and Jett Lawrence set the fastest qualifying times out of the day in the lites class while the 42 second lap time became normal amongst the top seven riders. Qualifying didn’t go quite as smooth for every Factory rider however as Austin Forkner would cannonball into the sand section and Rj Hampshire would put a nice crack in the subframe of his Factory Husqvarna FC250. They might be a little banged up but we expect them to make a return for the heats. Will we see another dominant performance by Christian Craig or will we see another 250 rider make a pass on the number 29? Scroll down below to find out and be sure to follow Motocross Action’s live coverage of the Houston 2 races.


Photos by Travis Fant


Jett Lawrence would snag the holeshot and win at just 17 years old.

The night show took on a Tuesday night with Jett Lawrence taking the holeshot followed by Austin Forkner and Rj Hampshire. Jett immediately took a huge lead on the rest of the roaring 250s and by the end of the lap, Austin Forkner made a mistake through the whoops losing two positions. Red plate holder Christian Craig did not get a very good start and would battle for the sixth place position with Mitchell Oldenburg. The breathing room in between first and second grew larger as Jett Lawrence hit his marks and proceeded to ride smooth. Rj Hampshire held onto second followed by Austin Forkner and Colt Nichols. Both Christian Craig and Michael Mosiman made the pass on Mitchell Oldenburg for the fifth and sixth place position. Oldenburg would then fall back several more positions giving Jo Shimoda and Max Vohland the opportunity to pass. With 9 minutes remaining, Austin Forkner would run straight into the side of Rj Hampshire taking the two 250 riders out. Christian Craig would take the second place position followed by teammate Colt Nichols. By this point, Jett has already set an impressive 11 second lead on the rest of the field with 5 minutes remaining. With two minutes remaining, Colt Nichols made the charge on Christian Craig and made the pass for second place. On the final lap, Jett’s lead would be too great for anyone to catch up and 17 year old Jett Lawrence would win his first main event.

1 18 Jett Lawrence
2 64 Colt Nichols
3 29 Christian Craig
4 42 Michael Mosiman
5 30 Jo Shimoda
6 38 Austin Forkner
7 49 Mitchell Oldenburg
8 115 Max Vohland
9 95 Joshua Osby
10 55 John Short
11 773 Thomas Do
12 122 Jeremy Hand
13 99 Hunter Sayles
14 125 Luke Neese
15 76 Grant Harlan
16 241 Joshua Varize
17 24 Rj Hampshire
18 88 Logan Karnow
19 260 Dylan Woodcock
20 170 Devin Simonson
21 87 Curren Thurman
22 116 Tj Albright

Rj Hampshire went down after having a collision with Austin Forkner.


Max Vohland would have his best finish of his pro career with a fourth place finish in the second heat.

Jett Lawrence secured the holeshot with Christian Craig following on his rear fender and Max Vohland in third. The two former teammates chased each other down and set a sizeable lead within the first two laps. Rj Hampshire sat in fourth place with Jeremy Hand in fifth. A minute and a half in, the number 24 of Rj Hampshire had already caught back up to the 250 Supercross rookie and started to put the heat on high. Factory Kawasaki Pro Circuit rider, Jo Shimoda did not get a very good start and would have to battle for the sixth place position. Three turns later, Jo would be successful and make the pass on Hand. Jett Lawrence founded the fastest lines on the track as he slowly started to pull away from Christian Craig putting a four second gap in between himself and the red plate holder. Jo Shimoda soon made the pass on Josh Osby for fifth with one lap remaining. For the first time in his 250 career, Jett would become a 250 heat winner.

1 18 Jett Lawrence
2 29 Christian Craig
3 24 Rj Hampshire
4 115 Max Vohland
5 30 Jo Shimoda
6 95 Joshua Osby
7 55 John Short
8 122 Jeremy Hand
9 241 Joshua Varize
10 260 Dylan Woodcock
11 125 Luke Neese
12 170 Devin Simonson
13 185 Wilson Fleming
14 87 Curren Thurman
15 364 Chad Saultz
16 512 Austin Cozadd
17 160 Vincent Murphy
18 384 Lorenzo Camporese
19 151 Carter Gordon


Rj Hampshire finished third in the second 250 heat.


Christian Craig was on top of qualifying for the 250 class.

The first heat, Colt Nichols snags the holeshot and escaped the first turn pileup involving Austin Forkner, Kevin Moranz and a few others. Austin Forkner was sent all the way back to 17th and was playing a game of catch up for the Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider. But unfortunately, Austin wasn’t going to be the only factory rider to go down as Colt Nichols went down in the sand section two laps in losing only one position thanks to his quick rebound. Michael Mosiman nearly avoided Colt on the ground and managed to take the lead for the first 250 heat race. Mitchell Oldenburg held onto third place followed by Logan Karnow and Thomas Do. Four laps in Austin was already making quick work of the 250 field and sat in 11th place. One more position to go and he would avoid the LCQ. Grant Harlan made the pass on Thomas Do for the fourth place position. Strangely enough, the first heat was not a very close race in between anyone. Around 5 seconds separated each rider in the top 5 and with only two laps to go, they would hold onto their position going into the main unless they made a devastating mistake. Austin Forkner made a remarkable recovery as the 38 made up 13 positions finishing the first heat in fourth. The first heat would go the GasGas rider, Michael Mosiman.

1 42 Michael Mosiman Menifee, CA
2 64 Colt Nichols Murrieta, CA
3 49 Mitchell Oldenburg Aledo, TX
4 38 Austin Forkner Richards, MO
5 76 Grant Harlan Justin, TX
6 773 Thomas Do Murrieta, CA
7 99 Hunter Sayles Chassell, MI
8 88 Logan Karnow Amherst, OH
9 116 Tj Albright Mount Marion, NY
10 85 Kevin Moranz Topeka, KS
11 193 Hunter Schlosser El Paso, TX
12 625 Jonah Geistler Newark, IL
13 509 Alexander Nagy Richmond, IL
14 216 Devin Harriman Longview, WA
15 124 Lane Shaw Alvin, TX
16 551 Guillaume St-Cyr Victoriaville, QC
17 604 Max Miller Springfield, OR
18 693 Rene Garcia Corona, CA
19 162 Maxwell Sanford Pasadena, MD


Colt Nichols has shown to be one of the more underrated riders in the field. 

Do you think Austin knows we’re right above him? Probably.


Max Miller’s bike.

Kevin Moranz would get the holeshot and lead the race followed by Schlosser and Simonson. The race leader Kevin Moranz lost traction in the turn right before the whoops and tipped the bike over. He made a quick recovery but would have to fight for fourth place to make the main event. Kevin Moranz made a bold triple into a corner and steal the fourth place position from Dylan Woodcock. However, the race leader would again make a huge mistake as Schlosser would drop his bike in front of Moranz. Then for a third time, Simonson would make a mistake and lose the lead position to Neese. Neese would easily win the LCQ and head to the night show.

1 125 Luke Neese
2 260 Dylan Woodcock
3 170 Devin Simonson
4 87 Curren Thurman
5 185 Wilson Fleming
6 160 Vincent Murphy
7 364 Chad Saultz
8 551 Guillaume St-Cyr
9 693 Rene Garcia
10 85 Kevin Moranz
11 604 Max Miller
12 512 Austin Cozadd
13 509 Alexander Nagy
14 216 Devin Harriman
15 124 Lane Shaw
16 193 Hunter Schlosser
17 625 Jonah Geistler
18 384 Lorenzo Camporese
19 151 Carter Gordon
20 162 Maxwell Sanford



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