Racing is finally back in Camping World Stadium for the eighth round of the 2021 Supercross season but the first round for the West Coast 250 class. We’re extremely eager to see who will place on top of the podium amongst the West Coast class as already, the field is stacked. How do we know the 250 field is stacked? Because unlike the East Coast class, there is an actual Group C that had to qualify for the Heat Races, making the odds of racing the night show even more difficult. For the second round, we are seeing extremely different track conditions compared to the weekend prior. The track is dry, brittle, and slick meaning that the riders will have to be more cautious when overcoming the obstacles. In the 250 class, we’ve already seen some breakout performances from several 250 veteran riders as well as some exceptional performances from some of the rookies during qualifying. Riders like Justin Cooper and Jeremy Martin dominated qualifying while rookie Seth Hamakker who qualified in Group B actually snagged the second-fastest lap time of the day. So who are you placing your bets on for the 250 West Coast class? Find out down below as we report LIVE from Orlando, Florida for the West Coast’s first Supercross race.


Photos by Travis Fant and Brian Converse


The 250 West class is shaping up to be very exciting.

Jace Owen and Justin Cooper charged to the front with Cameron McAdoo in the mix. Jeremy Martin, Stilez Roberston and a few others got in a first turn pileup leaving a red flag to waved. Another crash at the end of the whoops involving Alex Martin ended with an Alpinestars Medical member getting hit by Cameron McAdoo. In the first turn pileup, Jeremy Martin failed to make the double everyone else was making and Stilez ended up landing on the number 6. Both of the Martin brothers were out of the race and the 250 Main was restarted. Justin Cooper grabbed the holeshot again with Jordon Smith and Jalek Swoll chasing behind. Jalek Swoll lost a massive amount of time through the whoops allowing Cameron McAdoo to close the gap on the Factory Husqvarna rider. A turn later, Cameron would be successful on the pass and gain the fourth place position. The crashes weren’t over as Jordon Smith would crash into the face of the jump following the whoops. Seth Hammaker went down right before the finish and now sat in ninth. Cameron McAdoo now sat in second with Jalek Swoll in third and Marchbanks in fourth. Mitchell Harrison went over the bars on one of the berms. Chris Blose sat in fifth and Hunter Lawrence battled for his spot in the race. Justin Cooper’s lead grew to over five seconds on the Pro Circuit rider, Cameron McAdoo. Hunter Lawrence and Chris Blose drag raced through the whoops but Hunter Lawrence would get to the turn after the whoops first and sit in fifth. Seth Hammaker made the pass on Jace Owen and now sat in seventh with seven minutes remaining in the race. Marchbanks moved into the third-place position with three minutes remaining. Jarrett Frye went down and it appeared that the cable for the microphones down on the floor got caught up in his wheel. Justin Cooper’s smooth-riding would prevail for the Star Yamaha rider as he would win the first Main Event of the West Coast season.

1 32 Justin Cooper
2 31 Cameron Mcadoo
3 48 Garrett Marchbanks
4 47 Jalek Swoll
5 41 Hunter Lawrence
6 150 Seth Hammaker
7 56 Kyle Peters
8 60 Chris Blose
9 69 Robbie Wageman
10 68 Jace Owen
11 91 Nate Thrasher
12 72 Coty Schock
13 61 Joey Crown
14 220 Ramyller Alves
15 35 Mitchell Harrison
16 201 Cedric Soubeyras
17 90 Dilan Schwartz
18 67 Stilez Robertson
19 59 Jarrett Frye
20 80 Jordon Smith
21 6 Jeremy Martin
22 26 Alex Martin


Jordon Smith got a fantastic start but would end up going down in the whoops.


Justin Cooper walked into the second heat race with the fastest qualifying time. 

The second heat took off and Hunter Lawrence grabbed the holeshot with Nate Thrasher going down hard in the first turn. Jeremy Martin soon made the pass on the 41 and already started forming a lead on the rest of the field. In third sat Mitchell Harrison and Stilez Robertson in fourth. Hunter Lawrence almost went down two laps in but managed to save it. The whoops proved to be fairly difficult for the West Coast riders as Justin Cooper got caught up in the obstacle. In second place, there was a four-way battle for the second position between Stilez Robertson, Hunter Lawrence, Justin Cooper, and Michell Harrison. Despite falling behind in the whoops, Justin Cooper made his way back up to third. Jeremy Martin’s lead grew even larger to five seconds in front of the battle for second. Justin Cooper made a clean pass on Lawrence and set his eyes on his teammate but it was too late, for his teammate won the second heat.

1 6 Jeremy Martin
2 32 Justin Cooper
3 41 Hunter Lawrence
4 67 Stilez Robertson
5 56 Kyle Peters
6 47 Jalek Swoll
7 35 Mitchell Harrison
8 220 Ramyller Alves
9 61 Joey Crown
10 464 Dominique Thury
11 63 Martin Castelo
12 53 Jake Masterpool
13 91 Nate Thrasher
14 75 Ty Masterpool
15 951 Ryan Surratt
16 137 Sean Cantrell
17 118 Cheyenne Harmon
18 65 Carson Brown
19 73 Derek Kelley
20 77 Jerry Robin

Jeremy Martin won the second heat race.


Seth Hammaker may have started in the Group B class when qualifying but set the second fastest qualifying time of the day for the 250s. 

The first heat of the 2021 season took off for the West Coast riders and 250 rookie Seth Hammaker grabbed the holeshot followed by his teammates Cameron McAdoo and Jordon Smith. Three matching riders on three Pro Circuit Kawasakis took the lead. Chris Blose from AJE Motorsports onboard the GasGas grabbed fourth place followed by Jace Owen. Seth’s lead grew to a second in the first heat but made a mistake as Cameron McAdoo went past and grabbed the lead. With one minute remaining, a battle for the transfer position commences between Carson Mumford, Jarrett Frye, and Dilan Schwartz. Carson Mumford went down as Dilan Schwartz made a close pass on the slippery track. Chris Blose made the pass for third as Jordon Smith made an off-track excursion, falling back to fifth. Cameron McAdoo won the first heat race and rookie Seth Hammaker landed in a very impressive second place.

1 31 Cameron Mcadoo
2 150 Seth Hammaker
3 60 Chris Blose
4 26 Alex Martin
5 80 Jordon Smith
6 48 Garrett Marchbanks
7 68 Jace Owen
8 69 Robbie Wageman
9 59 Jarrett Frye
10 90 Dilan Schwartz
11 201 Cedric Soubeyras
12 72 Coty Schock
13 66 Jordan Bailey
14 93 Hardy Munoz
15 321 Bradley Lionnet
16 39 Carson Mumford
17 611 Calvin Fonvieille
18 208 Logan Leitzel
19 815 Colton Eigenmann
20 121 Chris Howell

Cameron McAdoo grabbed the first heat win of the West 2021 season.


Coty Schock won the LCQ and would make his way into the Main.

Coty Schock lead the LCQ with Nate Thrasher on his bumper. Nate Thrasher started to close the gap on the FXR/Chaparral Honda rider. In fourth place, a battle between Dilan Schwartz and Ty Masterpool brewed. However, Soubeyras joined the fight for the transfer position as Ty refused to let the two make the pass. Schwartz and Soubeyras made the pass on Ty Masterpool with one minute remaining. Dilan attempted to make the pass on Soubeyras but would make a mistake letting Jordan Bailey make the pass. The two riders in front of Dilan would fumble in the second to last turn letting the Suzuki rider make his way into the Main Event.

1 72 Coty Schock
2 91 Nate Thrasher
3 201 Cedric Soubeyras
4 90 Dilan Schwartz
5 66 Jordan Bailey
6 63 Martin Castelo
7 75 Ty Masterpool
8 464 Dominique Thury
9 39 Carson Mumford
10 93 Hardy Munoz
11 951 Ryan Surratt
12 321 Bradley Lionnet
13 815 Colton Eigenmann
14 611 Calvin Fonvieille
15 121 Chris Howell
16 73 Derek Kelley
17 208 Logan Leitzel
18 53 Jake Masterpool
19 77 Jerry Robin
20 137 Sean Cantrell
21 118 Cheyenne Harmon
22 65 Carson Brown


Dilan narrowly made it into the Main Event in a very close battle.


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