For the 7th round of the AMA Nationals, we head to Jacksonville, Florida. The weather was hot and the track was a fine mixture of sand and dirt for these racers and with the championship in sight of at least 6 riders, it was up for anyone’s grabs. The weather was going to be a test for the racers but not quite as hot as the previous year which caused dehydration and overheating for many of the riders. Zach Osborne is on top with the points lead but he actually lost some ground in the Championship last weekend due to a flat front tire which dramatically slowed him down and only allowed him to gain 5 points. 450 rookie Adam Cianciarulo quickly raced to the second position in the points chase after going 1-1 at Millville.

However, Adam Cianciarulo was not the only 450 rookie that has showed promise in the 2020 Pro Motocross Season. Chase Sexton has set fast lap times in most of the rounds during combined qualifying and would eventually set the fastest lap time in qualifying for WW Ranch by more than a second on Adam Cianciarulo. Unfortunately, the rider that was currently third in points coming into WW Ranch, Marvin Musquin, had a gnarly crash in the second round of timed qualifying which resulted in him slamming his head into the ground. Marvin got up, but to say he was a little shaken would be an understatement. Blake Baggett qualified in the fourth position followed by Christian Craig in fifth, Justin Barcia in sixth, and then last year’s champ, Eli Tomac, in seventh. Eli has shown less than desirable results at the past rounds and we were not sure what exactly was going on with him.

One thing is for certain though, that the racing at WW Ranch that was going to take place was going to be epic. Being one of the faster tracks in the series, a lot of questions would be raised. Will the riders who train in the Florida heat outperform those who train elsewhere? Will the winner win by speed or endurance? And now more than ever, the holeshot was most likely going to be the most important factor in the race. Stay tuned down below as we report on one of the most exciting seasons of Pro Motocross.



Unfortunately, Marvin Musquin and Adam Cianciarulo collided in the second 450 moto which knocked Cianciarulo back a few positions.

Justin Barcia snagged the holeshot from the rest of the field but it wasn’t long until 450 Rookie Adam Cianciarulo made the pass after a few turns. Despite the good start Justin needed, he went down in a sand section resulting in radiator shroud being jammed and he had to pull into the pit area. One lap in, Adam led the race and he was being chased by Marvin Musquin, Max Anstie, and points leader Zach Osborne. Max Anstie made a mistake and Zach’s quick thinking paid off as he made a fast pass. Chase Sexton ran in fifth followed by Joey Savatgy and Blake Baggett in sixth and seventh. By the third lap in, Adam kept making small mistakes giving Marvin the opportunity to make up some ground. Chase Sexton made the pass on Max Anstie and now ran in the fourth position but still was 4-seconds behind Zach Osborne.

Six laps into the race, Adam and Marvin collided at the end of the sand rollers and it was Cianciarulo who tipped over. This let the leaders fly passed him which ultimately dropped him to eighth place. Halfway through the race, Zach managed to sneak passed the Frenchman in the split lane section and now sat in the first place. Someone we haven’t seen in a podium position in a while is Eli Tomac and with 11 minutes left, he managed to pass the Brit, Max Anstie and Chase Sexton for the third position. Tomac flipped a switch and started running faster lap times than Marvin and Zach and it was only a matter of time before he caught onto Marvin’s tail. With five minutes and two laps left, Eli was on the bumper of Marvin and a lap later, squeezed by the factory KTM rider. With every turn Zach made, Eli would slowly gain ground.

Eli put on a hard charge in an attempt to pass Osborne for the win.

The hot humid weather appeared to not bother Tomac as he continued to make a charge on the 16 of Zach Osborne. The most intense racing was on as Eli’s absolutely fast corner speed and Zach’s quick thinking battled for the first place position. The two were going so fast that Marvin in third place, dropped 14 seconds behind. Finally, after Tomac made a mistake, Zach had room to comfortably finish first and go 1-1 at the WW Ranch.

POS. RIDER Moto 1 & 2
1 Zachary Osborne 1 1
2 Marvin Musquin 3 3
3 Eli Tomac 6 2
4 Adam Cianciarulo 2 7
5 Chase Sexton 4 5
6 Blake Baggett 7 6
7 Max Anstie 13 4
8 Fredrik Noren 9 8
9 Joseph Savatgy 8 9
10 Justin Barcia 5 13
11 Christian Craig 10 10
12 Isaac Teasdale 12 14
13 Justin Bogle 11 15
14 Kyle Chisholm 15 12
15 Jake Masterpool 40 11
16 Tyler Bowers 16 16
17 Justin Rodbell 14 19
18 Alex Ray 17 18
19 Tristan Lane 20 17
20 McClellan Hile 18 22
21 Bryce Backaus 19 24
22 Matthew Hubert 22 20
23 Jared Lesher 21 21
24 Vann Martin 24 25
25 Nicolas Rolando 28 27
26 Adam Enticknap 26 29
27 Christopher Prebula 23 32
28 Nick Fratz-Orr 31 28
29 Joshua Berchem 29 30
30 Carson Tickle 38 23
31 Scott Meshey 27 38
32 Jerry Lorenz III 30 36
33 Carter Stephenson 34 33
34 Nathen LaPorte 33 35
35 Bryton Carroll 32 37
36 Ben LaMay 36 34
37 Richard Taylor 35 40
38 Benny Bloss 39 39
39 Tristan Lewis 25 DNF
40 Cory Carsten DNF 26
41 Brandon Pederson DNF 31
42 Jeffrey Walker 37 DNF



Marvin Musquin had a bad get-off in the second round of timed qualifying. Click here to see the video of his crash.

450 Rookies led the pack early on after Adam Cianciarulo grabbed the holeshot followed by points leader Zach Osborne and Marvin Musquin who had a heavy crash in qualifying. Bam Bam Barcia rode in fifth while being followed by the yellow Suzuki of Joey Savatgy and the orange KTM of Blake Baggett. The 450 rookies rode at a staggering pace but it appeared Chase Sexton was closing on Adam. Adam’s smooth riding would mean that every little mistake that Chase would make would put a small and evergrowing gap between the two young riders. Eventually, the two veteran riders Osborne and Musquin would catch up to Sexton but his surprisingly fast lap times that he set in qualifying would shine as Chase would put a little more distance in between them. Baggett would fall to eighth place letting Eli Tomac passed.

Zach’s patience would pay off in the latter half of the first moto.

Almost halfway through the race Adam Cianciarulo made a mistake and the 23 of Chase Sexton would catch up and a battle for first place would insue. Chase and Adam dragged raced up the finish line and Chase would make the pass. Two turns later, Adam would make the pass back while Zach Osborne would quietly close the gap on the two rookies. With 10 minutes and two laps remaining, Adam and Chase both lead the race with Osborne running in third and Marvin back in fourth. Barcia ran in fifth and Eli Tomac who was more than 12 seconds behind Barcia ran in sixth. Zach Osborne preserved a lot of his energy throughout the race just following first and second place but with 5 minutes remaining he put on his charge.

Chase would stay in the fight until he tipped over on the last lap in the first moto.

Zach Osborne ignited the fire and passed the 23 of Chase Sexton and next was Adam Cianciarulo. Side by side, Zach and Adam raced next to each other and Zach slingshot passed Adam Cianiciarulo. Zach’s patience paid off as his lap time was four seconds faster than both Chase and Adam. With 3 laps remaining Zach held a three second lead on the Monster Energy Rider. The red plate holder will manage to get the first moto win. 

1 16 Zachary Osborne 2:10.081
2 9 Adam Cianciarulo 2:10.054
3 25 Marvin Musquin 2:10.318
4 23 Chase Sexton 2:10.336
5 51 Justin Barcia 2:11.277
6 1 Eli Tomac 2:12.453
7 4 Blake Baggett 2:12.308
8 17 Joseph Savatgy 2:12.608
9 31 Fredrik Noren 2:14.355
10 62 Christian Craig 2:13.915
11 19 Justin Bogle 2:16.285
12 79 Isaac Teasdale 2:16.936
13 103 Max Anstie 2:15.904
14 258 Justin Rodbell 2:17.479
15 11 Kyle Chisholm 2:19.886
16 34 Tyler Bowers 2:19.308
17 61 Alex Ray 2:20.533
18 503 McClellan Hile 2:21.679
19 794 Bryce Backaus 2:21.707
20 711 Tristan Lane 2:21.753
21 412 Jared Lesher 2:19.137
22 647 Matthew Hubert 2:22.663
23 995 Christopher Prebula 2:24.586
24 421 Vann Martin 2:24.412
25 735 Tristan Lewis 2:20.686
26 722 Adam Enticknap 2:27.884
27 441 Scott Meshey 2:22.469
28 144 Nicolas Rolando 2:27.224
29 719 Joshua Berchem 2:28.385
30 881 Jerry Lorenz III 2:24.960
31 265 Nick Fratz-Orr 2:28.628
32 483 Bryton Carroll 2:24.785
33 139 Nathen LaPorte 2:22.239
34 824 Carter Stephenson 2:41.233
35 141 Richard Taylor 2:22.104
36 42 Ben LaMay 2:21.804
37 841 Jeffrey Walker 2:25.690
38 596 Carson Tickle 2:25.038
39 50 Benny Bloss 2:16.605
40 78 Jake Masterpool 2:18.548



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