The premier class is back in AT&T Stadium located in Arlington, Texas for the eleventh round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season. The track is exciting and interesting as it provides plenty of passing opportunities and with a strat straight taking up a third of the track, getting in front of the pack is everything. Eli Tomac was the overall fastest qualifier in timed qualifying however racing is a totally different story. Coming into the Arlington Supercross #2, we expected a battle between Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen to heat up as the points chase is now in Cooper Webb’s favor. So how did it all shake down? See below for results from Arlington #2.


Photos by Travis Fant


Jason Anderson cut the track and was docked one position, moving him back from 7th to 8th place in the 450 Main Event and moving Aaron Plessinger up to 6th.

The 450 Main Event took off and the two rivals Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen raced around the first turn. Eli Tomac made the pass on Ken and soon the three points leaders were battling out for the lead in the 450 Main. Chase Sexton sat in fourth with Matin Davalos in fifth. A few laps around the track, Ken Roczen already was knocking on Eli Tomac’s door. With 15 minutes remaining, Cooper Webb hit the whoops slow and Eli Tomac snuck up behind Cooper Webb. Cooper Webb’s riding was nearly flawless despite losing speed in the whoops. Justin Barcia made progress through the pack, passing Aaron Plessinger and making his way towards Chase Sexton. Eventually, Justin Barcia made past the 450 rookie, Chase Sexton. Eli Tomac closed so much ground on Cooper Webb, Eli was nearly touching the rear wheel of the KTM but slipped the rear end out right before entering the whoops. Cooper Webb would become victorious and win another race in Arlington.

1 2 Cooper Webb
2 1 Eli Tomac
3 94 Ken Roczen
4 51 Justin Barcia
5 23 Chase Sexton
6 7 Aaron Plessinger
7 21 Jason Anderson
8 14 Dylan Ferrandis
9 36 Martin Davalos
10 15 Dean Wilson
11 17 Joey Savatgy
12 19 Justin Bogle
13 27 Malcolm Stewart
14 40 Vince Friese
15 11 Kyle Chisholm
16 34 Max Anstie
17 20 Broc Tickle
18 280 Cade Clason
19 44 Tyler Bowers
20 81 Justin Starling
21 85 Kevin Moranz
22 848 Joan Cros

We had some more great action from Arlington tonight. Guess what? We get to do it again on Saturday. 


Cooper Webb won the second Heat Race. 

The second 450 Heat took off and Cooper Webb grabbed the holeshot with Kevin Moranz on his tail. Malcolm Stewart made the pass on Kevin and Eli followed. This is a huge feat for Kevin to get such a good start as he’s only been on the 450 for one race, Kevin normally races on the East Coast 250s. Eli Tomac moved up to third and soon was on Malcolm Stewart’s rear fender. Eli eventually made the pass on Malcolm but still sat three seconds behind Cooper Webb. Cooper Webb would head into the Main Event with a good gate selection as he crossed the checkers first in the second Heat Race.

1 2 Cooper Webb
2 1 Eli Tomac
3 27 Malcolm Stewart
4 17 Joey Savatgy
5 36 Martin Davalos
6 20 Broc Tickle
7 40 Vince Friese
8 21 Jason Anderson
9 34 Max Anstie
10 85 Kevin Moranz
11 606 Ronnie Stewart
12 81 Justin Starling
13 184 Scott Champion
14 88 Logan Karnow
15 124 Lane Shaw
16 280 Cade Clason
17 83 Alex Ray
18 330 Aj Catanzaro
19 976 Joshua Greco
20 519 Joshua Cartwright


Justin Barcia gave Ken Roczen a run for his money. 

Chase Sexton got the holeshot but Aaron Plessinger squeezed by in one of the rhythm sections following the start. Ken Roczen made progress on his teammate, Chase Sexton. Justin Barcia made the pass on Ken Roczen but a turn later, Kenny would get back at the 51 of Justin Barcia. Aaron Plessinger’s lead grew to two seconds while those behind him battled it out. Justin Barcia made the pass again through the whoops. With a minute and a half remaining, Chase Sexton closed the gap on Aaron and begun to make passing attempts. Justin Barcia also began to approach Chase Sexton while Ken Roczen started to fall behind. Aaron would become successful and win his Heat Race.

1 7 Aaron Plessinger
2 23 Chase Sexton
3 51 Justin Barcia
4 94 Ken Roczen
5 14 Dylan Ferrandis
6 19 Justin Bogle
7 11 Kyle Chisholm
8 44 Tyler Bowers
9 848 Joan Cros
10 28 Brandon Hartranft
11 193 Hunter Schlosser
12 87 Curren Thurman
13 114 Nick Schmidt
14 447 Deven Raper
15 421 Vann Martin
16 15 Dean Wilson
17 309 Jeremy Smith
18 637 Bobby Piazza
19 70 Henry Miller
20 10 Justin Brayton


Dean Wilson wins the 450 LCQ. 

It was Kevin Moranz who grabbed the holeshot in the 450 LCQ. Kevin has been getting great starts lately, he almost grabbed the holeshot over Cooper Webb in the Heat race but dropped back to 10th place and just missed the last transfer spot going from the Heat race straight to the Main. Justin Starling was second, but with a minute and a half to go, Dean Wilson had worked his way into the qualifying position and then into second place pushing Starling to third and Brandon Hartranft to fourth, the final transfer spot. Then, with two laps to go, Dean Wilson made his way passed Moranz in the whoops. With two laps to go, Cade Clason pushed Brandon Hartranft off the track, but Hartranft got on the gas, passed Clason back while off the track and got back on in fourth place. It was definitely a violation of the rules. Riders aren’t allowed to accelerate and pass other riders while off the track, but we doubt the AMA will do anything about this incident.

1 15 Dean Wilson
2 85 Kevin Moranz
3 81 Justin Starling
4 28 Brandon Hartranft
5 280 Cade Clason
6 114 Nick Schmidt
7 606 Ronnie Stewart
8 309 Jeremy Smith
9 447 Deven Raper
10 421 Vann Martin
11 87 Curren Thurman
12 124 Lane Shaw
13 519 Joshua Cartwright
14 193 Hunter Schlosser
15 184 Scott Champion
16 637 Bobby Piazza
17 976 Joshua Greco
18 88 Logan Karnow
19 330 Aj Catanzaro
20 70 Henry Miller
21 83 Alex Ray
22 10 Justin Brayton


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