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Photos by Dan Alamangos, Debbi Tamietti and Jody Weisel

Bradley Taft won the 250 Pro class. Bradley has solid support to help him in the future. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

The 40-race REM 2015 motocross season is winding down. We don’t know how often you race or whether your track even holds races 40 times a year, but REM would hold 52 races of year if they weren’t occasionally bumped out of Glen Helen for the AMA National, USGP, 24 Hours of Glen Helen, Lucas Oil Offroad Truck series,  Day in the Dirt and other one-off events. For racers who might only race 5 or 10 times a year, the grind of going to the starting line for 40 weekends seems amazing. The REM regulars keep coming back for more. This week’s race was number 38 out of 40—there are only two left in 2015 season. On this weekend Glen Helen was dead center in a SoCal wind warning. As the gusts blew up to 30 mph, the REM racers were content in knowing that, unlike in the pits, they would be immune to the wind once they were in motion on their bikes. Luckily, the REM track is situated behind some large hills and the track layout either runs with the wind or into it—there are no cross wind jumps to worry about.

MXA’s Dennis Stapleton (184) goes the long way around to get by Randy Skinner (383) on his way to the Vet Pro victory. Photo: Jody Weisel

The big winners at REM this weekend were Bradley Taft (250 Pro), Luther French (Over-50 Expert), Bob Rutten (Over-60 Expert), Cade Matherly (85 Expert/250 Novice), Ralf Schmidt (Over-40 Intermediate), Robbie Carpenter (Over-50 Intermediate) and Syd Woods (Over-50 Novice).

Sloane Becker puts the finishing touches on daddy’s helmet before his first moto. Photo: Jody Weisel

Mark Hall (68) is chased down this drop-off by Josh Fout (63). Mark is on the only 2016 TM 450FI-MX in the country. See the bronze disc behind Mark’s right knee? That’s the gas cap. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Bob Rutten was one of the best factory-backed desert racers of the 1970s and a Baja winner. Today, he works at Ame grips in Las Vegas and races REM on the weekends. Bob took the Over-60 Expert victory over Carl Gazafy and Mike Marion. Photo: Dan Alamangos

A Randy Skinner portrait. Note that the flag is at half-mast because Glen Helen is near San Bernardino and shares the grief of the community. As for the rest of the photo, Randy brings the reading room with him to the track. Photo: Dan Alamangos

Daniel D’Agostino swept both motos of the 450 Novice class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Luther French used to bleed yellow, but he switched to orange and won the Over-50 Expert class in his first ride on his new 450SXF. Val Tamietti finished second overall on his first ride on his new KTM 350SXF. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Brian Calhoun went 3-4 in the Over-40 Intermediates on his Yamaha two-stroke. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Zac Roessler (127) leads the parade in the 85 Novice class. Photo: Jody Weisel

Ralf Schmidt (73) won both motos of the Over-40 Intermediate class on a TM two-stroke. Photo: Dan Alamangos

In REM parlance this is Disco Dave (861) chasing Hollywood (L7), but if you’re a stickler for proper names, it is Dave Cincotta chasing Pasha Afshar. Photo: Dan Alamangos

REM has two motocross races left in 2015—Dec.12 and Dec. 19. For more info on REM go to

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