This past Thursday MXA was invited down to the Fox Racing south headquarters to hang out with the Shift and Fox folks. The reason? Shift kicked off the relaunch of their brand with a themed party that was nothing short of brilliant (with equal parts danger and comedy). Former Shift rider Jeff Emig controlled the microphone, and the Supercross and National champion welcomed the Shift MX sales representatives to “Ride Club.” If Ride Club sounds oddly familiar to you, then you’re a fan of “Fight Club,” a popular flick that featured Brad Pitt and Edward Norton kicking the absolute crap out of one another. Shift’s “Ride Club” centered around an oval pit bike track lined with chain link fencing and hay bales. The track layout favored those competitors with a panache for take-out moves that “Fro” himself would be proud of.

    The sales reps broke into three-rider teams. Each rider had to spin five laps around the oval before handing the pit bike off to his/her teammate. Once the 15 laps were complete the winner moved on to the next round. The competition was fierce, and there were more than a few bar-banging instances that left the jumpsuit warriors plastered against the metal fencing. Watching as a bunch of grown-ups employed ruthless take-out tactics was amusing and catered to destructive individuals.

    While all of the commotion inside the octagon (okay, it wasn’t really an octagon, but more like a wobbly oval), Jeff Emig goaded the riders into rubbing elbows. No stranger to the limelight, Emig was hilarious as his barked out orders for competitors to kill or be killed. The riders were sheepish at first, but things turned violent quickly. Danger was in the air, and the Shift reps reveled in it. So did Jeff Emig. Fortunately no one lost life or limb, but bruises surely formed on several riders in the days that followed.

    The big news from the night’s festivities was that Shift is making a push once again towards the top of the gear market heap. They have a championship contender in Chad Reed, a brand new logo, and designs that are sure to impress. If you watched the Salt Lake City Supercross you probably noticed that Reed was wearing new Shift duds. Pretty cool stuff.

    Take a look at the photos below to get a glimpse of the festivities from the Shift MX relaunch party.

Behold the rules of “Ride Club.” We’re breaking the first and second rule by showing you this photo. Oops!

Take a look at Shift’s strategy for the not-too-distant future.

Here’s a sneak peak at Shift’s new logo. It’s very aggressive.

You’ve already seen these colorways on Chad Reed. Shift has the TwoTwo Motorsports gear for sale.

Another look at the Reed Racing threads.

And another.

The Shift reps were dressed up in one-piece jumpsuits for “Ride Club.” The reps were broken up into three-person teams, and their team letter was spray painted on their suit.

The man with the mic, Jeff Emig.

We weren’t kidding when we said that the octagon was surrounded by metal fencing. The Shift reps are inside the ring awaiting instructions. This was before things got ugly…

Pit bike hot rods.

The rider exchange was a key part of the race. Several tactics were employed, including running with the bike and harpooning other teams with their own pit bike.

Helmets came in all shapes and sizes, including this beauty with horns.

Take out! Welcome to Ride Club.

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