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Half the Arenacross competitors took their hand at Go-Karting to take on the G.O.A.T. himself. Jacob Hayes, Chris Blose,  Jace Owen, Ben Lamay, Gavin Faith. Kyle Regal also raced but he ran for it once the racing was over.

Arenacross comes to Southern California and with it, press day happened. The day started with us meeting the riders and gathering pre-race content. A unique feature about the track in Ontario is the start. It is an outdoor start and it has a sharp righthander right out the gate. Expect the riders to not all burst into the stadium at the same time. Once we were done at Citizens Bank Stadium, we went over to Pole Position Raceway in Corona to race against none other than Ricky Carmichael. See the pictures below.

Chris Blose crosses the finish line.

Kyle Bitterman.

Ben Lamay.

Kyle Regal is someone to look out for. Green plate? It means that you are a Race to the Championship Contender.

Jace Owen.

Jacob Hayes.

Travis Sewell.

Gavin Faith has a title to defend and with the chase format (points are reset) anything can happen. Check out our interview with him here.

Jace Owen and teammate Ben Lamay. Team TiLUBE switched back to Honda this year bringing the Japanese manufacturer back to Arenacross.

Jacob Hayes didn’t bring his helmet to race…

Chris Blose on the other hand did bring his helmet.

Kyle Regal put on a hard fight and some of the best lap times.

Ricky Carmichael himself. It was only a matter of time before he pulled a”block pass” on the unsuspecting Arenacross crowd.

The man and the award named after him.

Chris Blose.

Ricky Carmichael.

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