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MXA’s Aussies get special Australian flag version of the orange helmet.

Dear MXA,
I noticed that MXA has a couple Australian test riders. It seems odd that an American magazine would use foreign test riders. Plus, how are the logistics handled?

What logistics? Our Aussies live in SoCal and race every week. We choose Australians because they ride hard, don’t whine and never give an inch. They make excellent endurance test riders for MXA’s large fleet of test bikes. They race when it rains, snows, is 106 degrees or when injured. They can wear out bikes faster than any ten men — which is what we hope to do during endurance testing. When asked what we have them test, we always say, “They test the plastic parts…on other rider’s bikes.”

Australians have a sense of humor about themselves that escapes most American motocross racers.

MXA’s Dan Alamangos testing WP Cone Valve forks on MXA’s 2017 Honda CRF450 at Glen Helen.

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