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Every uphill climb was made more difficult with the addition of stair steps. This not only slowed the riders down, but rewarded skill over horsepower.

Dear MXA,
    I want to tell Jody that I loved the Glen Helen National track. I walked around every inch of it and it was real motocross, but I heard that there is a time limit on how long an AMA National lap time can be. I heard it was 2 minutes and that is why the Triple Step-Up doesn’t go onto the REM track. Is this true?

The downhills were just as fast as ever. In the distance you can see the REM track on the facing ridge.

In the background is the Velodrome turn which replaced the big jump over to the REM side of Glen Helen.

We asked Jody and he said that the sanctioning body does suggest a lap time between 2:00 to 2:10, but that they have never stopped him from building a track with a longer lap time. However, he did redesigned Glen Helen, sans REM, to live within the spirit of the rule “suggestion.” But, given Jody’s old school sensibilities, Glen Helen is still the longest track on the AMA circuit, at 2:25 a lap. That is 30 seconds shorter than its longest time, when it went up onto the REM side of the facility. Because of its big hills, Glen Helen presents a time challenge because once you send the riders up a hill, they have to come back down. Since Glen Helen has three big hills that require a considered amount of time to navigate, the bottom portion of the racetrack, where most of the fans are, would have to be extremely short to get down to the 2-minute range. Thus, Glen Helen needs to be a little longer than the average National track. The REM section would add another 30 to 40 seconds to the lap times.

Photos: KTM, John Basher

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