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Photos by Massimo Zanzani

2015 champion Romain Febvre is back on top, taking a win in the MXGP of Thailand.  Tim Gajser is second in the Honda gear and Jeremy Van Horebeek earned third.

Antonio Cairoli was able to make a solid 2nd place in the first moto but a mistake in the second moto resulted in a 12th place finish in the second moto.

Tim Gajser had lost his bike for a moment in the first moto but was able to pull through with a third in the first moto.

Belguim rider Jeremy Van Horebeek stayed in the top five. His consistency paid off with a third place in the MXGP Thailand overall.

Kei Yamamoto (400 on the Honda) had a good start in the first Moto.  

Kevin Strijbos completely focused.

Ben Townley recovered from his last position in the first moto with a second place.

From left to right; Jeremy Seewer, Jeffery Herlings, Aleksandr Tonkov.

Jeffery Herlings leads the pack. Herlings was able to get first place in every MX2 race of the MXGP so far.

Pauls Jonass definitely showed some improvement in going from 9th place in the first moto to 5th in the second.

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