Jason Anderson getting carried off the track by a Husqvarna’s Steve Westfal. Anderson was not injured on the race track, but in the infield.

As with all normal Thursday practices at Glen Helen this time of year, the Pros were in full force testing for the AMA Nationals. Unfortunately, someone crashed over the Wall Jump before the finish line. People were flagging riders around the jump. Jason Anderson, as well as the other riders, were going around the rider at a slow and cautious pace through the infield. When Jason approached the site of the downed rider, another rider was on the right side of him, and all of sudden Jason and the other rider collided. It was a strange crash because neither rider was on the race track, but instead were on the infield going around the fallen rider and firemen on the scene.

Jason Anderson was on the ground after he and another rider collided while riding by a fallen rider being attended to by medics.

Both riders lay on the ground, with Jason getting carried out by his team personnel. Jason was holding his right foot. We hope he is okay.

Jason left the track immediately and we did not get a chance to talk to him, but we did talk to the other rider involved in the collision. He did not want his named mentioned because he did not want “everyone to hate me.” He was a vacationing rider from New Zealand who was in SoCal on a motocross holiday with one of the many moto vacation companies.

This is how he described what happened, “A rider went down beyond the Wall Jump before the finish line jump. The track crew blocked the Wall Jump and made us go around it and the fallen rider before re-entering the track. I was going slow and when I looked over at the injured rider I saw that it was my friend. I wasn’t on the track, but on the infield. I didn’t know Jason was behind me and I turned to go back onto the track (as you do) and Jason tried to pass me in between the downed rider and me and clipped my bars and went down hard. I’ve talked with Jason and it was 100% an accident.. He came out of nowhere. He clipped my bars and we went down. I think his foot got wedged in my front end. I landed on my left side and was down for a bit, I’m a little bit bruised.”

The rider who crashed over the Wall Jump had two broken ankle sand a femur. Jason’s injuries are unconfirmed at this time, but it should be noted that not all media reports are accurate. Neither Anderson or the Kiwi rider that he collided with were going to the aid of rider who crashed over the Wall Jump (nor did they hit anyone other than each other). They were just riding by, in the infield, to get around the original crash site. And as reported above, the New Zealand rider suffered only minor injuries in the collision.

As for Jason Anderson, he sent out an instagram post from the hospital that read, “Compound fracture to my foot in a crazy accident today, A bump in the road, but I will be back as fast as possible and I will race before the season is over.” He will not be racing at Thunder Valley this weekend in Colorado.


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