Coming into round four of the Monster Energy Supercross season in Glendale, Arizona, sitting sixth in the championship standings, thirteen points behind Ken Roczen is last year’s 450 Supercross Champion, Cooper Webb. At round one, the Red Bull KTM rider was feeling under the weather and he struggled in qualifying. But when the Anaheim 1 Main Event came around, he pulled it all together and finished on the podium in third. Then, Cooper was still sick in St. Louis and we expected the same results, but he could only manage a twelfth place. Coming into Anaheim 2, Cooper had his work cut out for him and he knew exactly what he needed to do. He started the Main Event in fifth, Blake Baggett went down and he passed Zach Osborne. Then, Eli Tomac and Jason Anderson passed Webb and it looked like he didn’t quite have the pace to run at the front. But Cooper pick it up a notch and passed Anderson back and then caught up to Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac at the end of the race. He made it interesting and eventually finished 1.9 seconds behind Roczen and 3.1 seconds behind Tomac. 


By Josh Mosiman

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR THIRD PLACE, HOW DID IT FEEL TO BE BACK TO YOUR NORMAL SELF TODAY? It was nice! Obviously the last two weeks have been tough, but it’s nice to be healthy now, you take that for granted a lot. I’m stoked, we were in the battle and finished third place, which is a lot better than last week. We were right there with the leaders, so I’m stoked. I’m looking to keep getting better and keep improving. I haven’t been able to ride or train too much these last few weeks. To get back into a routine again will be nice.

Cooper Webb was glad to hear he was only 13 points back when Josh told him after the race.


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT? I’m stoked. The goal last year was to leave the West coast top five in points and that’s kind of the same goal we have this year. From what I learned last year, honestly, the Championship doesn’t really start until Daytona like they all say. But it’s good to be in the mix. At A1 I was on the podium, but it wasn’t the same, I wouldn’t say it was luck, I put myself in a good position. Tonight I feel like I earned the podium, like I said, I was right there with Kenny (Roczen), right there with Eli (Tomac). I think they were a little bit better than me all day, so it was nice to be a lot closer to them in the Main Event.

Cooper Webb is a true competitor. It’s always fun to watch him charge through the pack.

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO LINE UP AGAINST THESE GUYS IN FRONT OF A PACKED ANAHEIM STADIUM? Man, I think it’s one of those things where after last year I kind of sat back. My life dream has always been to be a Champion and you know I was able to accomplish that last year and I think it’s a tough thing to find that motivation to be like “hey, I did what I set out to do my whole career, so what now?” Honestly, there’s nothing better than competing. For me, lining up on Saturday nights in front of thousands of people and just having that pressure to perform is the best adrenaline rush you can do and obviously winning is the cherry on top, but just competing and pushing your body to the limit and handling pressure. Man, it’s a cool feeling.

Cooper Webb’s factory Red Bull KTM.

WHAT IS IT LIKE WORKING WITH ROGER DECOSTER? HOW DID HE REACT AFTER THE TWELFTH PLACE LAST WEEKEND? He’s a good guy man. The whole KTM team is a great group of people, but I really like Rog (Roger Decoster). He’s a racer and he’s a pretty straight forward kind of guy and that’s how I like to be handled and that’s how I am. So when we do good, we’re both stoked and when we don’t, we’re both pissed off (laughs). We make a pretty good team.

Cooper chats with Roger DeCoster and Ian Harrison after the Anaheim 2 Main Event.

THE TRACK WAS GNARLY TONIGHT, WHERE DO YOU RATE IT AGAINST OTHER TRACKS YOU’VE RACED ON? I think honestly it was a very technical track. Even on track walk, knowing the obstacles were going to be tough to do all night, plus with the rain we had before hand, the track broke down quite a bit more. It was really tough, two big whoop sections and a pretty gnarly dragon. We haven’t seen a dragon in a while and the rhythms were not easy. You really had to time them and they took a lot of effort, even on a 450 to get them right. And there was really no straightaway, nowhere to recover.

THERE WERE A LOT OF FLAT CORNERS TOO. Yeah a lot of flat turns too. It kind of makes it tough to pass but overall I think it was actually a good track. I felt like in St. Louis there were a lot of riders going the same speed and it’s very tough to pass when everyone’s going the same speed. I thought this weekend was a much better layout.

Cooper passed his training partner, Zach Osborne, early in the 450 Main Event last weekend. 

HOW DID YOU BOUNCE BACK THIS WEEK AFTER FINISHING 12TH IN ST. LOUIS? Everyone’s different, but I think for me, honestly it was a good thing. I was nowhere near healthy or anything like that, but when you get your butt kicked that bad, it’s an eye opener and you gotta look in the mirror and be better. So I think for me it was a really good thing. Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I like proving people wrong. I knew my back was against the wall with a twelfth place and that was the goal to get redemption.

We recently tested Cooper Webb’s Red Bull Straight Rhythm factory 300 two-stroke bike. Click here to check out the video.


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