Although Coty Schock’s final moto of the year at the Hangtown National would not go to plan after he was ran over by Dylan Ferrandis on the start. The Delaware native was certainly impressive. Early on, Schock’s outdoor season was good, but he really came on strong for the last half of the year when he started earning top-10 finishes. Coty went 12-10 for his first ever 10th overall at Unadilla. Then he backed it up with a 9th overall at Budds Creek with 7-11 scores, 7th overall at Ironman with 8-6 scores, 7th overall at Fox Raceway with 7-7 scores and 12th overall at Hangtown with 6-20 scores. Everyone expected Coty Schock to stick with the newly formed FXR Racing/Chaparral Honda team for 2022, but sadly the team wasn’t able to get the funding needed to continue for another season. We caught up with Schock after Hangtown to talk with him about his successful summer, and his hopes for the future. 

By Jim Kimball

COTY LET’S BEGIN WITH YOUR RECENT FINISHES. YOU’VE IMPRESSED MANY PEOPLE. This year has been huge for me. It is a big turnaround. I have opened a lot more eyes of what I can do and I know that there is a lot more in me. We are just going to continue to keep building, be patient, and let time do its thing. It has been so much fun this year. I have had such a good group of people around me all year and we are willing to continue to try to keep that same energy going into next year and keep it fun.

Coty’s FXR Racing Chaparral Honda CRF450 under the tent. Coty earned AMA number 37 for the 2022 season. Click here to see all of the new AMA National numbers

IS THAT WHAT HAS BEEN KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS; THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU? Yes, but there have also been two things that have helped me out a huge amount this year, and one of them is the bike. The bike is good for what our program is. Number two is having guidance from Tony Archer, my mechanic. Tony and I are best friends, and he is like a brother to me. We even live together. So, just having his guidance, and the great bike has been a huge help. Having trust in the bike and having trust in Tony with the program has been everything. I am all about consistency and it has been just building all year.

TONY IS A FORMER RACER TOO, CORRECT? Yes, Tony is the real deal, it is as simple as that. He was killer in his racing career and when he decided to switch over to be a mechanic, he takes just as much pride in his work as a mechanic as he did in racing—and it shows. Having Tony to be able to work on my bike and help me mentally is huge. It goes to show how knowledgeable that guy is. He is smart with what he does, and he truly does have a huge impact on the sport.

Coty Schock and his mechanic Tony Archer earlier this year in Supercross. 

SADLY, THE FXR RACING CHAPPARAL HONDA TEAM ISN’T RETURNING FOR 2022. WHAT’S NEXT? As of right now, as I understand, there is really no saving it. So, I am just trying to see what other doors are open to let us in. Everyone is trying to figure out what is next for us and what the best option is. It is stressful, but that is life. It will all play out how it is supposed to be. It is unfortunate, but we showed what we can do with the small budget that we had. We all succeeded this year, and we opened a lot of eyes in the industry, so there should not be any issues why we cannot find another gig here soon. So, right now, it is important for us to try to figure out where is the the right home, because that is everything.

Coty Schock has great technique on the motorcycle. Here he navigates a deep rut at Washougal with both feet on the pegs. 

FOR A WHILE IT WAS THOUGHT THAT THE TEAM MAY BE AROUND IN SOME CONFIGURATION. That’s true. I found out the Wednesday before the Fox National #2 that it was going away, so it is fresh to us and it’s unfortunate. It is one of those things where we wished we could have known a little sooner. At the same time, we did find out at a good time in a way. It could always be worse. We always try to look at the glass half full, rather than half empty, so it will work out. Fortunately, towards the end of the season not all the contracts are signed, and there is room for us. We are all going to be okay. We are just trying to figure out what is next and what is best for us. The industry is big but also so little at the same time. You must choose your battles, which one you are willing to go with. It will be alright.

Coty Schock getting sideways at Washougal. 

I WOULD THINK THAT THIS LEAVES A VOID WITH HONDA TOO, THEY DON’T HAVE ANY OTHER SUPPORT TEAM IN THE PRO PITS NOW. ONLY THE FACTORY TEAM. The weight is not on Honda though. More so, it was the decisions that happened along the way. That is what led us here. It is unfortunate for another Honda team to go down, but it is not the brand itself. It is just the program that the team was evolved around. Honda did try saving us, but that is a lot to ask for, and it is not on them because it was not their fault. But then again, there are more Honda programs out there and if anything, it just leaves a little extra room in the budget for Honda to put into the other team to make sure that they can continue to stay successful. Like I said, it is unfortunate, but it is how business works sadly, and how life works. Sometimes we don’t know the reason why but what comes around goes around. It will all work out.

IS IT SAFE TO SAY THAT YOU HAVE A COUPLE IRONS IN THE FIRE, SO TO SPEAK? I do have some opportunities. Not as many as people may think, but the opportunities I have are decent, and I could be happy with whatever direction I want to go. Speaking right now, I am not going to say who, but there is a team that I am interested in, and I know if I worked with them, it would be good for me. Everyone is treated very well and, it is just a good environment there. I could see myself progressing with that team, not only as a rider but as a person. So, we have some options, but I have my mind where I want to go. We will see how it goes and time will just tell.

Coty Schock rode a 250 in Supercross this season before jumping to the CRF450 for outdoors. 

THE GOOD THING IS THAT YOU ARE EQUALLY ADEPT AT RIDING A 250 OR A 450, WHICH CANNOT BE SAID FOR A LOT OF RIDERS. Growing up, my dad had me ride all types of bikes. Fortunately, I am able to adapt to whatever motorcycle I am on pretty quickly. To be able to ride a 250 well and to be able to ride a 450 well, is unheard of in a way. Not unheard of, but it is not really common. The only other person that I know is doing it, is Christian Craig. With him riding 250 Supercross and outdoor 450, I am fortunate enough to be in that spot where I can do either one. I would like to stay on the 250, as I feel I can be more competitive on the 250 for Supercross. That is somewhat the route we are going, but I am fortunate enough to be able to succeed this year on both bikes.

MXA first found learned about Coty Schock’s speed when he showed up to Glen Helen for the 2019 World Two-Stroke Championship. 

ANY FINAL THOUGHTS ABOUT YOUR SUMMER, AND THEN YOUR FUTURE? This summer was a dream come true in a way. I exceeded my expectations, but I know I have a lot more to give, so I am already looking forward to next year. Going into the off-season, I’m just trying to just keep the momentum going, keeping the same mentality, being patient, and letting things happen the way they are supposed to and not rush. In the past, I tended to try to rush things, but ended up taking one step forward and taking two steps backwards—you can only do that so long. Next year, I feel like we just continue to take one step at a time, and that every step that we take has a purpose. I’ll take everything we learned this year, bring it to off-season, and just keep bettering ourselves as a rider and as a person. Like I said, it’s always a building process, and there is a lot more to come.

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