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Photos by Debbi Tamietti

Jon Ortner looking picture perfect. O, is that painting perfect? We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of his Santa Barbara art studio next.

Most famous as one of the few Husky riders to make an AMA Supercross main event in the hey-day of the 1980s, Andy Jefferson is still railing corners.

We don’t have a clue where Ron Shuler’s left foot is, but perhaps he’s usingd it for a little extra traction.

Jerry Black gets his Husky on top of the silt.

Pete Murray wrings the throat on his YZ250F to the fullest in dirt that favors big-bore engines.

Will Harper (7) and Bob Rutten (83) don’t ride like guys who will be collecting Social Security checks in a few years.

R.J. Wageman uses the unique one elbow up/one elbow down technique to win the 450 Pro class. You know one thing for sure — he turned the throttle on all the way.

There is always one corner on every track that allows the riders to pitch it in. John Roggero demonstrates.

Hayden Cole went 4-5 in the 250 Intermediate class at REM.

Bryan Friday (43) and Luther French (2) know they have to hustle as Husqvarna’s Andy Jefferson (17) closes in from behind.

Ciaran Naran looks especially stylish with his black and white chiaroscuro.

Gavin Valdez won the 250 Novice class.

Globetrotter Dennis Stapleton crests one of REM’s many hills.

Randel Fout changes directions with his bike and his body—but not necessarily the same direction.

Todd Sibell plows a furrow in Glen Helen’s decomposed granite dirt.

Aryton Ward, son of Jeff Ward, was 4th in the 250 Intermediate class.

Luis Macias was 4th in the 250 Novices with an 8-1.

Four-time 250 National Champion Gary Jones doesn’t need to use two hands to race. Bye now!

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