With the Las Vegas Supercross finale only four days away, we’ve been receiving quite a few phone calls and emails regarding the evening’s race schedule. It was announced before the Supercross season began that the Las Vegas round would be counted as a 250 East and 250 West race; thus, each coast will have a main event to race. However, there will also be the annual 250 East/West Shootout during the evening program. So, what gives? Here’s all of the pertinent information that you’ll need to know when Saturday night rolls around.

    (1) There will not be any 250 East/West Heat races. Since the night program follows the same start-up time as previous rounds (the opening ceremonies are going to be held from 7:00 – 7:30), the night show will not start earlier in the day. You will have plenty of time to gamble your money away and get dinner before the candles are lit at Sam Boyd Stadium.

    (2) Since there aren’t any 250 East/West Heat races, main event qualifying will be determined by the fastest qualifying laps from the two daytime practice sessions. A coin toss during the rider’s meeting will determine which coast will race their main event first. The advantage of winning the coin toss? The winning coast will have 30 extra minutes to recuperate before the Shootout. The 20 fastest riders from one coast will line up for the 15-lap main event at 7:30. Directly following the victory circle (where a champion will be crowned with the AMA number one plate), the 20 fastest riders from the other coast will line up for their 15-lap main event at 8:00. Afterward the champion will be crowned.

    (3) The fastest nine riders from the 250 East main and nine fastest from the 250 West main will transfer directly to the 250 East/West Shootout. Positions 10 through 20 from each coast will race the LCQ – a four-lap sprint where the top two riders will transfer to the East/West Shootout.

    (4) The 250 East riders will have almost two hours to catch their breath after the 15-lap main, while the 250 West riders will have less than an hour and a half to recuperate. And, for the two riders that transfer through the LCQ, they will each race 29 laps Saturday night. That’s a lot of time on the Sam Boyd circuit.

    (5) The 250 East/West Shootout will take place at 9:45 and is scheduled to run until 10:00. The race will be 10 laps.
    (6) The 450 class follows the same basic format, with two heat races (8:30 – 8:40, and 8:40 – 8:50, respectively), a LCQ, and the 20-lap main. The evening’s festivities will end later than normal, but that’s because there will be three main events, plus a shootout (totaling 86 laps of racing!).

    (7) For the first time this year there will be a 65cc and 85cc main event. These two classes will not interfere with the evening program, as the pint-sized racers will compete for glory at the end of the daytime practice session.

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