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Would you like to see if your motocross skills would make you a successful car racer. Musgrave Racing Comnpany (MRC) is the place to find out. The Southern California-based company has a successful arrive and drive program. MRC offers a driving school that includes one-on-one lead/follow driving sessions that will get you up to speed in no time. They use data acquisition to chart a students progress and fully explain the details of kart set up. The driving school are offered on a half day, full day or race day basis.

Willy Musgrave has a great background. He is an MMI graduate, Honda Pro Technician, professional motocross racer, MXA test rider, was the production manager at ATK, set up the White Brothers’, Pro Circuit’s and DR.D’s  four-stroke exhaust pipe facilities and won a round of the FIM World Supercross Championship in Pune, India. Then, he decided to race shifter karts.

Musgrave Racing Company sells and maintains Praga, CRG & TonyKart chassis. MRC specialize in completed karts, chassis, and engine kits. In a ddition to their successful race team, they offer engine leasing, driving training, kart rentals and kart storage. Aside from the omnipotent Honda CR125 two-stroke that is the lifeblood of shifter kart racing, MRC also builds and service other karting engines (such as the IAME X-30, IAME KZ, IAME Mini-Swift, IAME Leopard, etc.).

MRC has a complete stable of shifter karts that they use for racing, training, teaching and fun days at the track. If you live in SoCal or just want to fly in for a vacation—consider spending a day driving a shifter kart.

Run by Willy and Billy Musgrave, the former father/son Pro motocross racers spend many years racing motocross and shifter karts at the same time, but when Billy Musgrave became a factory sponsored professional kart racer, they not only shifted from motocross to shifter karts full-time, but took all that they had learned working in the motorcycle industry and applied it to their own kart company. No doubt this was mad easier by the prevalence of Honda CR125 engines in shifter kart racing. Willy a skilled mechanic, who graduated from MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) and has a Honda Pro Technician certificate, knew the CR125 inside and out. Not just from working on it, but from racing it.

Billy Musgrave won the 2015 National Kart Championship with his Praga chassis, MRC CR125 engine and MXA helmet.

MRC is now of the powerhouses in CR125 engine tuning—and their race team, led by Shifter Kart National Champion Billy Musgrave, is major force in the karting world. You couldn’t be a better hands. And, as Willy and Billy prove, motocross racers are naturals at kart racing. If you like to learn more about kart racing, attend a kart school, take private lessons or just spend a day at a SoCal kart track call (951) 278-8885. Willy will answer all of your questions (and, if pushed, he will tell you what it’s like to be an MXA test rider for two decades).

Willy Musgrave on the cover MXA testing the 1998 KTM 250SX.

Although this may seem as far away from pavement racing as imaginable, in truth, the skills and reflexes of a motocross racer make for a great shifter kart racer. Billy Musgrave rails a sand berm on MXA’s KTM 125SX two-stroke.

Willy (left) and Billy (right) together in the Pro class at Glen Helen Raceway.

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