Kiara Fontanesi won her fifth Women’s World Championship crown at the final race of the year.

Kiara Fontanesi went to the French GP 4th in 2017 Women’s Motocross Championship points, but only 5 points behind leader Nancy Van De Ven. Yet, when it was all over at the Muddy French track, the Italian had gone from first to first in the final points standings. It was a topsy-turvy weekend as the rider with the points lead going into the final, Nancy Van De Ven, ended up 4th for the year.

Livia Lancelot went from third in points a week before to the second step on podium and in the points. She retired after the race.

Courtney Duncan was winning the first muddy moto on Saturday with two laps to go when the track was blocked by fallen riders. She tried to go around, but fell and ended up sixth. At first the race organisers backed the results up to the lap before, since Duncan wasn’t the only rider to be trapped behind the pile-up. But, an hour later they reversed the decision and gave the win to Kiara Fontanesi, who along with Nancy Van De Ven, Livia Lancelot and Larissa Papenmeier got by the crash. The first 6 were the only riders not lapped in moto one.

To prove that she should have been the 2017 Champion Courtney Duncan lapped almost the whole field on Sunday and beat the only other rider on the same lap by 46 seconds.

In moto two, which was held on Sunday, Courtney Duncan won by 46 second over Livia Lancelot. Duncan and Lancelot lapped the field. Kiara Fontanesi, a lap down, was third. Fontanesi’s 1-3 score gave her 45 points—which was 7 more than Nancy Van De Ven, 3 more than Courtney Duncan and 3 more than Livia Lancelot. Those points gave the 2017 Women’s crown of Fontanesi. Mathematically, Fontanesi won by title by 1 point over Lancelot, and 2 points over Duncan and Van De Ven (who were tied for third in the title chance). It is the closest Women’s title chase ever and the closest four-racer points spread ever—in any class.

Nancy Van De Ven and Courtney Duncan tied on points for the year, but Duncan won the tie breaker.

1. Kiara Fontanesi (Yam)…1-3
2. Livia Lancelot (Kaw)…3-2
3. Courtney Duncan (Yam)…6-1
4. Nancy Van De Ven (Yam)…2-5
5. Larissa Papenmeier (Suz)…5-4
6. Amandine Verstappen (KTM)…4-6
7. Virginie Germond (Yam)…10-8
8. Mathilde Martinez (Hus)…12-7
9. Justine Charroux (Yam)…9-12
10. Anne Borchers (Suz)…16-10

Duncan (151), Lancelot (114) and Van De Ven (55) all finished within 2 points of eventual WMX Champion Kiara Fontanesi after six races.

(After 6 of 6 races)
1. Kiara Fontanesi…233
2. Livia Lancelot…232
3. Courtney Duncan…231
4. Nancy Van De Ven…231
5. Larissa Papenmeier…194
6. Amandine Verstappen,…184
7. Nicky van Wordragen…119
8. Francesca Nocera…95
9. Virginie Germond…94
10. Shana van der Vlist…89

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