Press release from Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship: Despite major efforts by the organisers to get the event on, the British weather finally won the day at Hawkstone Park today after over 25mm of rain fell during the morning and the event was eventually called off at 12 noon. This means that Evgeny Bobreshev (CAS Honda), Zach Osborne (Bike It Cosworth Yamaha) and Terry House (Dextra Crescent Suzuki) are the 2010 champions, as the event will not be rerun.

At 8 a.m. this morning the decision was made to postpone the qualifying session until 11 a.m. as the forecast at that time was for the rain to be clearing. However, at 10.45 a.m. with still no sign of a let up and much running water on the circuit, the Stewards, Race Director, Clerk of the Course and Series Manager made a further circuit inspection. A chasm had been created towards the end of the lap where water had washed a huge gully in the sand and it became obvious that racing would be dangerous and impossible.

ACU Events Ltd, the Series Promoters acknowledge that this is not a good way to end the season. Speaking on their behalf, the Series Manager, Brian Higgins commented, “We would like to thank everyone for the effort which has been put into trying to keep this event running. The riders and teams have also been understanding, but as we could not guarantee to be in a position to run the full wet schedule races I think the only decision possible has been made.”

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