The new bike season starts earlier every year. First to get the ball rolling for 2009 is Yamaha, with the first official photo of the 2009 YZ250F.

Carburetor: If you were expecting fuel injection, you will have to wait, because the 2009 YZ250F still uses a 37mm Keihin FCR flat-slide carburetor with throttle position sensor (TPS). Shock linkage: This is a radical change for Yamaha. Already considered to have the best suspension, Yamaha not only came up with a totally new rising rate, but they mounted it under the swingarm (instead of the old centerline pivot).

Swingarm: Looking for increased rigidity, the 2009 Yamaha swingarm appears to be hydroformed. The shape is very sophisticated and the centerline shock linkage pivot has been moved from behind the plastic caps. which have highlighted YZ swingarms for years, to hanger brackets under the swingarm.

Tires: Just like last year, the 2009 YZ250F will come with Bridgestone 403/404 tires. We would expect the YZ450F to come with Dunlop tires, because it is common practice for the Japanese manufacturers to spread the wealth and hedge against production problems.

Seat cover:
The top of the seat has a textured material, as opposed to standard-issue gripper material. Head pipe: The head pipe has been decreased in diameter and increased in length. It is noticeably longer than last year’s YZ250F head pipe.

Muffler: The 2009 Yamaha YZ250F muffler is several inches shorter. It,reportedly, does not have Yamaha’s dualcone internal baffling.

Oil tank: It is unchanged from last year and is still a separate unit mounted under the engine.

Engine: The 250cc, liquid-cooled, fivevalve, DOHC, four-stroke engine has a compression ratio of 13.5:1.

Rear Axle: Yamaha has joined the rest of the manufacturers by going to a larger 25mm rear axle.