Jeff Emig was no stranger to the podium.

Now-a-days you might only know the name Jeff Emig as a Supercross announcer. Although in his glory days he was quite the accomplished racer. Emig raced in the Pro ranks for 11 years before being forced into retirement in 2000. Throughout his reign he won many championships. The first one under his belt was in 1992 in the 125 class. Five years later in 1997 he clinched both the Supercross and National Championship. Coming off a dominating year, the 1998 season started off slow. Throughout the year he fell off the pace of guys he was beating the year before, like Jeremy McGrath, Ezra Lusk, Mike LaRocco and Kevin Wyndham. His outdoor season that year was mediocre. Emig was unable to regain ground after his commanding year in 1997. By 2000 he was forced into retirement due to breaking both his arms just above the wrist coming off a triple. Still involved in the industry, Emig is one of the greats in motocross.

Emig struggled to keep his #1 plate in 1998.


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