2008 U.S Open of Supercross track inside the MGM.
Chad Reed was full of messages–his Saturday night message was the most telling.

Roger & the screen # 1: DeCoster checks out the computer as the team mechanics review Reed’s EFI system.


Roger & the screen # 2: DeCoster keeps track of lap times during Saturday’s main event.
Bobby Garrison (left) and Kurt Caselli (right) were on hand watching the races and no doubt wondering why motocross racers get paid so well for such short races. 

Tommy Hahn had a miserable night on Friday, but rebounded on Saturday with an 8th place finish to prove he was capable on the big bike.
These were one-off colors made for Michael Byrne and the 2008 Motocross des Nations.

It was pretty impressive to see the amount of Damon Bradshaw fans who made their way to Vegas to see the Beast.


Although he may have been outclassed on the track, Jeff Matiasevich was very popular with the fans.
QUOTE: “If you’re going to wear gear like that you better go fast.” Roger DeCoster commenting on Chad Reed’s polka-dot Thor gear.
Chad Reed’s Suzuki was laid bare when he got a new set of forks installed.


Ryan Dungey’s 2008 factory Suzuki RM-Z250. 
Following Saturday practice, Josh Hill brought his bike in to get the front end tightened up. 
The factory Hondas were on the plain-Jane side in appearance.
Daniel Reardon’s basic black Geico Powersports Honda CRF450 was on the subdued by the black overtones for Las Vegas.
James Stewart’s Yamaha was probably the most photographed bike in the pits–so here’s a shot of his teammate Kyle Chisholm’s San Manuel Yamaha.

Kyle Partridge was having a tryout with the SVM team, who found good success in the 2008 East Coast Supercross season with Billy Payne Jr.


The sport is made better due to the efforts of the many hard-working privateer teams on the circuit like the Butler Brothers — who are still around a decade later.
QUOTE: “It wasn’t too hard. Well, it was a little hard at first, but you just have to get used to it.” Ryan Dungey on his fantastic last to fifth place finish ride on Friday after he crashed in the first turn having not only bent his handlebars, but also after he physically ripped his shredded left hand grip off.
Remember this?


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