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Jessy Nelson at the season opener in Anaheim during qualifying.

By Kyoshi Becker

Jessy Nelson is on the Troy Lee Designs KTM 250 team. His debut into pro motocross was filling in for an injured Cole Seely on the previous Troy Lee Designs Honda team at Hangtown in the 2012 Lucas Oil Outdoor National series. Jessy has since got few career wins under his belt including a win in the MX2 class at the 2015 MXGP at Glen Helen. About a month ago he was sidelined from an injury due to a crash in practice. We catch up with him to he how he is doing.

How is the healing going? I am healing pretty well. It has been going on for four weeks. I had a bit of a head injury and some back issues. A couple of vertabre were broken and I am trying to get back as quickly as I can, get cleared from the doctor and start riding like I did before. I have been cycling and back in the gym a lot. Looking towards the Outdoor Nationals.

Will you be ready when the first round of Outdoors starts in May at Glen Helen? Oh yeah, I should be riding in a week or two. We will see what the doctor says.

Jessy Nelson in the MXGP.

Tell us a little about the MXGP win last year? That was super fun. Winning the MXGP was pretty cool. I hope to do it again this year with the same result. Going 1:1 was fun, but it is always good when you are winning. Racing with different people was awesome.

At Anaheim 1 you had a lap time within 0:00.05 of the defending champion Cooper Webb. Our times were really close at A1 although I rode horribly all day. I felt out of it and just was not riding very good compared to how I had been riding entering Anaheim 1, so to come out with second was pretty good. I was happy with that and couldn’t complain.

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