We received this letter early today from Adam Heany:

Bob Smith.

Dear Jody,
    I’m sorry to share the news that Bob Smith, founder Smith Goggles passed away two days ago at his home in Palm Desert. I’m letting you know because on occasion you’ve profiled men who have made a difference in the sport of motocross. In Bob’s case, he made an indelible mark both in MX and skiing so I’m letting you know in case you care to make mention of it in MXA.
    I’m an MXA reader and a native of Ketchum, Idaho, although I’ve lived in Newport Beach for the last 14 years. Bob’s middle son, Colby was and is one of my best childhood friends so I spent a lot of time with the Smiths.  One of my most vivid memories was sitting at their breakfast table one day and the excitement on Bob’s face when he demoed the yet to be introduced Smith Roll Offs. He made me turn around and not look at the product as he showed Colby, probably because it had not been patented yet and I was too young to know what a non-disclosure agreement was.

Bob Smith during the heady days of starting his business empire.
    Bob was kind to me, but he could be a difficult person to be around as Bob Hannah might attest (in fact, I think Hannah sold Colby the lot where he built his home in Eagle, Idaho). Nevertheless, the things Bob Smith did with optical wear and the things Bob Hannah did on a motorcycle made for a pretty dynamic duo and Ie respect them both. I don’t know any further details at this time other than that Colby, Andrew and wife Jean are at their home in Palm Desert where I believe Bob passed away.
    You mention mortal coils from time to time and I just wanted to let you know this one has sprung. I will remember him as the father of one of my best friends and to this day only have Smith goggles wrapped around my helmets.

     Take care,
     Adam Heany

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