Georges Jobe and Andre Malherbe at the Motocross des Nations.

The victim of a form of leukemia, Georges Jobe was one of the greatest motocross racer that Belgium ever produced (he was a nine-time Belgian National Champion) ? and it produced DeCoster, Robert, Malherbe, Everts and Geboers. Jobe’s five World Titles put him behind only Stefan Everts (10) and Joel Robert (6) on the win list. In 1980 Georges Jobe became the youngest World Champion in history when he won the 250 World title. Jobe won two 250 Championships and three 500 World titles.
After retiring from professional motocross George kept on racing and in 2007 suffered a terrible accident in Dubai. He was in rehab for many years and even fought skin cancer in 2010. Sadly, in 2012 Georges learned that he was suffering from myelodysplasia, a form of leukemia. Georges Jobe would have been 52 on January 6.

Our prayers go out to his wife Sabrina, daughter Maite, son Vic and his family and friends.

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