Weston Peick’s face was almost unrecognizable after the crash. 

Weston Peick had a freak crash at the Bercy Supercross in Paris on November 17th, 2018 where he got landed on in the first rhythm section just after the start on the first lap. The impact of the crash was on Weston’s head, with  more than 10 fractures throughout his face. After the crash, Weston was put into an induced coma with his fiancé, Kelly Acleland posting on social media that she couldn’t even recognize her soon to be husbands face.

Weston in a hospital bed in France recovering. 

After more than two weeks and three surgeries, Weston is conscious and on the mend. He posted on both his Facebook and Instagram accounts graphic pictures of the trauma to his face from the crash and the surgeries. This is what Weston has to say.

After two weeks. Weston is walking and getting back on track to recovery. 

“Well this has been one hell of a injury I can’t even explain how much suffering has gone on over the past 2 weeks. I had well over 10 fractures throughout my face and 3 surgeries. But it’s finally turing for the better. I’m walking around slowly and getting my body moving again, I’ll be flying back home to the states Tuesday [December 4th]. Huge shoutout to @road2recovery and everyone that had made donations to help support this long positive journey to getting back on the bike. I can’t thank my family and friends enough for their prayers and positive thoughts. Big thanks to all of the people here in France that have made my stay easier and more suitable for my family.” –Weston Peick

To support Weston’s journey, head over to his Road2Recovery fund . From all of us at MXA, we hope you get well soon.


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