We couldn’t wedge every bike we tested in this issue on the cover, but we gave it a pretty good sampling of brand-new 2017 bike tests.

If Suzuki hadn’t given up on two-strokes this is the bike that would be fighting it out against the 2017 KTM 250SX for dominance today. This is a project bike built to 2017 Suzuki specs.

We liked the right side so much that we thought we’d show you the left side.

Honda may have eschewed two-strokes in recent years, but back in 1973 they changed the face of motocross with the fit, finish and detail the original CR250M.

Since the Yamaha YZ250F has been winning shootouts for the last couple years, they could have stood pat with what they had in the hopper, but they didn’t. The 2017 Yamaha YZ250F may look like the 2016 model, but it is world’s apart.

Common sense is in short supply in the world today, but you can still get your fill by asking the MXperts what you need to know.

The 2017 KTM 125SX is the lightest 125cc two-stroke made. It is also the most powerful. And, thanks to its all-new WP AER air forks, it’s not the worst suspended anymore.

Jeremy Martin has been in the news as of late for switching from Yamaha to Honda…and not just for next season, but for this week’s USGP at Glen Helen.

The MXA wrecking crew has always loved the way the KX250F delivered its power. Guess what? In what appears to be a stolen scene from “Young Frankenstein,” Yamaha and Kawasaki traded powerbands for 2017—they could both be better for the brain swap.

Looking for a pipe for your 2017 KTM 250SX two-stroke? Or new gear for the World Vet Championship? Find out if these products meet your needs—plus many more.

The 2017 KTM 450SXF weighs 222 pounds. Digest that for a minute. Do you know what a 2017 YZ450F weighs? 238 pounds. Even the yet-to-be-released Honda CRF450 will hit the scales at 233 pounds. Now add in the KTM’s almost 58 horsepower, hydraulic clutch, electric starting, Brembo brakes, AER air forks and you have something sweet.

MXA’s John Basher bought a used 2005 Yamaha YZ125 for $1350. He could have turned it into a fun play bike for $1000 more. But that’s not how Basher rolls. He spent $16,000 on his dream bike. You have to read the story to find out where the money went.

Welcome back to the ‘Wick. The MXA gang spent a restful weekend enjoying the sights and sounds of old school motocross in Southwick, Massachusetts. Guess what? Old school has its charms.

You don’t see a lot of Italian-built TM motorcycles at the races…and when you do they are normally two-strokes. So, we were excited to get our hands on a true-to-life TM 250FI-MX four-stroke. This is an innovative machine.


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