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The November cover, which is on sale now, features the 2018 Yamaha YZ450F and the fuel-injected Husqvarna TE250i two-stroke—both are tested on the inside.
Although the wi-fi mapping catches people’s attention, it is the rest of the bike that needs the most scrutiny. Learn everything there is to know in this full test.
The 2018 Husqvarna FC450 is the motocross version of the “King of Coo.” It is a laid-back, easy-to-ride, superb handling, race bike that is as unique as Steve McQueen.
Ask a tech question on the internet and get 10 different answers (9 of them wrong). Ask the MXperts and get one brilliant answer sourced from the people who know.
The best way to enjoy a good mud race, like this year’s Unadilla National is from the comfort of your couch while looking at a crisp, well-lit, dry photo on the pages of MXA.
We don’t mean to bog you down with science, and  run the risk of you falling asleep like you did in High School, but MXA’s Moto-Physics is stuff you need to know. And, better yet, will use this weekend.
How good can a Yamaha YZ250F be? We find out by going to the top to have a dual-fuel, works suspended, massive horsepower, blue machine built. You might not be able to afford it, but you can still dream.
What could be more American than a bike with “American” in its name. If you are guessing that the American Eagle 405 Talon was built in Detroit, you would be dead wrong.
It’s not how much horsepower a bike makes, t’s how it uses that horsepower. The Systems Kawasaki KX450, from the company that makes electric bike stands, pumps out 66 ponies. Use them as you will.
Somebody had to eventually ask Ryan Dungey why he quit in mid-season. That somebody was us. You’ll find Ryan Dungey to be honest, open and educational about his reasons.
We don’t expect you to buy a Husqvarna TE250i fuel-injected two-stroke. Nor do we think that most hardcore two-smoke aficianados are going to like the idea of EFI, but you need to know why this very limited edition bike, and its KTM twin brother, may be the bikes that save the two-stroke.
MXA had issues with the revamped 2017 Kawasaki KX250F engine. Guess what? We weren’t alone and the Kawasaki engineers built a new engine for 2018. Are we grateful? Did we like it? What did we change? Read on.
For every winner there is one runner-up and 38 also-rans. But for the want of a few points, the runners-up could well be the greatest heroes of the sport. Meet the men who missed it by one place in the 125, 250, 500 and Supercross Championships. One man missed it by one spot 10 times.
To get the most out for your bike or body, you gotta know what’s available. “Hit Parade” gives you the four-one-one on what’s new.
Knowing what’s new is valuable, but knowing how it works is crucial to motocross success. “Team Tested” recaps products that the MXA wrecking crew used, abused and misused in the past in a bite-size format.
You gotta love the past because you just lived the it yesterday. MXA takes you back ten years to see what was happening in the Novmeber 2007 issue. It was exactly what’s happening the November 2017 issue except with different racers, bikes and products.



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