The Novemeberber issue of MXA is jam-packed with hard-core motocross information and five 2020 bike tests. Here is a quick overview of just some of the things that are in this issue. 

There are 6 pages to tech mubo-jumbo, suspendion settings, dyno info  and real world race info on the 2020 Kawasaki KX250F. A a lot of detail on how the new 14,000 rpm engines works, where it works and what it lacks.

Yamaha didn’t change anything for 2020 from the 2019 model—save for a rubber grommet on the air filter to keep it from slapping against the wire screen. You knew it did that in 2019, didn’t you?—the best thing about the 2020 Yamaha YZ250F is that it isn’t the latest member of the 14,000 rpm club. It is a solid midrange engine that is easy to ride.

In this test you’ll learn all about Husqvarna’s philosophical change and what they think is wrong with modern suspension set-up. Whatever they were thinking, it came to fruition. Husky has the most comfortable package on the track. They went for plush instead of stiff and favored the average rider over the factory Pro.

The KTM 250SXF is the grand father of 14,000 rpm race bikes. It revs so high and pulls so hard that you wonder if you are ever going to have to shift. Best of all, it doesn’t give up any of the bottom end horsepower like the CRF250 and KX250.

MXA test riders like KTM’s fuel-injected two-strokes, but most of our experience is with taking the XC -TPI enduro models and turning them into motocross bikes. We decided to go up to the North Woods with KTM to  spend a couple days racing the 2020 KTM 150XC-W TPI bike at an actual off-road race. It requires a different set-up from motocross.

Holeshot Donnie Hansen won the AMA Supercross Championship and the AMA 250 Nationals Championship in 1982 —and then his career suddenly ended. In a no holds barred interview Donnie reveals what it was like to be on top one day and on the bottom the next. And had he turned it into a positive experience.

MXA gathered up the names of every motocross champion, male, female, American, European, 125, 250F, 250, 450, 500, MX1, MX2, MX3, European Champions and sidecar. It is, as touted, a “Vast Reseroir of Worthless Motocross Knowledge” — unless you want to know something about the history of the sport

Back in 2002 Tim Ferry was a factory Yamaha racer, but not just any racer. Tim got to race the factory Yamaha YZ426F three-speed. And, it goes without saying the Team Yamaha let MXA take it for a test ride. Our goal? To try and find fourth gear.

See the radio on the back of Jeff Ward’s helmet. There is a funny story about that, but you’d have to get the November issue to find out what it is.

Don’t you wish that Kawasaki would make another 206-pound, 250cc, two-stroke and sell it for $1150. They did back in 1973. The catch? They only made 200 of them.

We sent MXA editor Josh Mosiman to Summer Camp. No, not Camp Runamucah. Instead we sent him to PanicRev’s three-day Motocross Ministries Motocross Camp. Where he taught motocross techniques to the kids (and adults) and shared a bond that will last a lifetime.

(left) Do you remember when Sebastien Tortelli came over from the GPs and was the fastest man on the AMA Nationals in 1999. It was true, but he couldn’t stay healthy long enough to make it pay off. (Right) Wouldn’t you love to be Dean Wilson factory Husvarna mechanic, the man at Husqvarna in charge of next year’s bike or run the marketing at a giant aftermarket company. Anthony Da Graca, Damon Conkright and Kyles Gills are livin’ the dream.


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