The MXA test crew has used a special needle in its 2002 YZ125. The original MXA needle was a works part that was hand made. During testing, the works needle performed better than the stock YZ125 needle. Unfortunately, the hand-made needle was not available through Yamaha dealers.

Yamaha’s engineering department, urged on by their own in house test results, decided to work overtime to make the secret needle available to American racers. They ran a test program, verified the results and had Yamaha of Japan send over a special shipment of needles.

If you have had problems with your 2002 YZ125 jetting, you should consider the new, but rare, needle. If you don’t have any complaints about your jetting–don’t bother. Although getting the needle was difficult in the beginning, Yamaha has provided a special part number that your friendly local Yamaha dealer can use to get you the part.

The next time you go to your Yamaha dealership tell him to order the needle from Yamaha’s

“G-FAST list.”

The part number is


Yamaha only brought in 100 needles in the first shipment…and they sold out immediately. Luckily they have reordered a second run of 250. But, you better hurry.