Jason Anderson announced via instagram on Thursday April 17th that after training with Aldon Baker since 2014, he would be making a change to his training program. Jason’s long worded social media post showed respect for Aldon and his program while it also explained his reasoning for leaving the Baker’s Factory. Jason stated:“I made this decision ‘cause I need a change of pace.” As everyone knows, Aldon Baker has proven to have success with great riders like Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen and most recently, Cooper Webb. But his program isn’t cut out for everyone. Ken Roczen is one example. He trained at Baker’s factory before and then went on to do his own program with his now brother in-law, Blake Savage.

In between the 2016 Supercross and motocross seasons, it was announced that Aldon Baker would be training KTM and Husqvarna riders exclusively, you can click here to read MXA’s post. With that, most KTM and Husqvarna riders are required to join Aldon Baker’s program when they sign the KTM or Husky contract. Cooper Webb spoke openly about it when he signed on with KTM before the 2019 season. Rj Hampshire also talked about it as well when he joined the Rockstar Husqvarna team for 2020. Most of the time, these obligations aren’t a problem because many riders are looking for the opportunity to train under Aldon’s wing. So, it is unusual when we see riders like Ken and Jason leaving the program. Read below for Jason’s statement about leaving the Baker’s Factory:

Aldon Baker (right), Tyla Rattray (middle) and Jason Anderson (right) and the Indianapolis Supercross in 2016.

Jason Anderson posted via instagram: “So,, just wanted to let you guys all know that I am no longer working with Aldon, before you read it on vital forum or somewhere else..
I want to thank him for all the years together! From being a squirrely rookie in the 450 class, to helping me refine my skills and achieve race wins at the top of the sport! This has nothing to do with his program or anything.. I believe he has a program that’s amazing and wins championships.. that’s just FACTS. For me, I know I’m going to be scrutinized for this decision, which is okay. I made this decision ‘cause I need a change of pace. Needed different tracks, different gym, different cycle routes… I felt, in the recent year, when it came to my program and daily routine that I was just going through the motions some days, w/ no passion or intensity.. Like I was just waking up and going to work. I don’t want that. I want to have pride in what I do! I want to be trying my butt off everyday to improve, getting sketchy at the track, trying to find that extra little 1/10th of a second. I still want to win races and put my heart into it and I’m more motivated than ever.
Is this the wrong decision?, who knows.. I’m sure you guys will have your opinions, which is okay. But, I’m more excited, than ever, to be racing. So, thanks to Aldon for putting up with my sh** since 2014! Cheers mate!”

Jason Anderson earned the 2018 450SX Supercross Championship while training under Aldon Baker’s program.

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