There was a reported 59,919 fans inside Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday night. They witnessed great racing in the 250 main and strange happenings in the 450 class. Oh, they also sucked in fireworks fumes, but the pyrotechnics sure were colorful!

Every Supercross opening ceremony from now until 2050 it should be mandatory have Kevin Windham jumping mind-boggling transfers. A K-Dub entrance always brings people to their feet.

Hot off his first win, Martin Davalos (31) looked focused on getting a win on Saturday night. It came, but not at the right time. He powered past Blake Wharton (36) in the heat race, but went down in the main. He had to settle for second, and he sits five points back of Adam Cianciarulo.

Jeremy Martin had great qualifying times and finished third in his heat race. Unfortunately the wheels came off, so to speak, in the main. Martin finished 19th. He will probably finish on the podium this weekend in Daytona. No joke.

Justin Bogle has quietly been staying in the title hunt. Yes, the 250 East is only three races in, but Bogle is third in points (16 behind Cianciarulo).

Rookie Adam Cianciarulo styles it out upon winning his heat race. Adam looked at home on the technical Indy track.

Mike Alessi nailed the holeshot in first 450 heat race. It’s a good thing, because he has a butt patch that says “Holeshot.” By the way, it is rumored that Alessi is heading north and racing the Canadian Nationals this summer. Is it true? Time will tell.

Even the best riders struggled with the deep ruts going up jump faces. Broc Tickle (20) sticks out his right leg to counterbalance himself off this triple, while Dean Wilson (15) grabs a tearoff.

Dean Wilson made his 450 Supercross debut. It didn’t go as smoothly as he wanted. Wilson eventually finished 10th in the main, but not before dealing with some trouble early in the race.

There’s no quit in a champion. Ryan Villopoto (1) edged out Justin Brayton (10) by less than one hundredth of a second at the checkered flag in their 450 heat race. Both qualified for the main. Villopoto clawed his way from 17th place on the opening lap to fourth. It’s conceivable to believe that the night would have been quite a bit different for the likes of Dungey, Tomac and Seely if Villopoto stayed off the ground on the start. As for Justin Brayton, he was under the weather, and finished ninth.

Who would have thought that Eli Tomac, battling through a shoulder injury, would finish second in Indy? That’s not a knock on Tomac, but in previous races he was struggling. Let’s hope that landing on the box gives him a boost of confidence moving forward.

James Stewart wasn’t afraid to carry his Yoshimura Suzuki deep into the sand section off a tricky wall jump. Bubba won yet another heat race, but disaster struck in the main. It’s worth noting that James was the only 450 racer to jump the super-tech quad, which he did about one-third of the way through the main. This is the same jump that Adam Cianciarulo iced on the 250.

Stewart takes a moment to reflect on his heat race win.

Broc Tickle avoided the Mike Alessi buzz saw this weekend and finished fifth place. Here, he thinks about life at 1/60 of a second.


By now you’ve seen the video, but here are a few photos of Ivan Tedesco getting dragged down the start straight in the back of Tevin Tapia’s wheel.

Tedesco claimed afterward that he didn’t know how crazy it looked on television.

Ivan also said that his knee braces saved him from serious injury. He only suffered a minor burn on his leg from Tapia’s muffler. Amazing!

Vince Friese (42) edged out Martin Davalos (31) for the 250 main event holeshot. Privateer Friese ended up in sixth, as well as a holeshot check. Not a bad night’s worth of work.

Rookie Matt Bisceglia is learning the Supercross ropes. At one point he was in second place, but he slipped back to fourth by night’s end. Not too shabby.

Englishman Paul Coates (977) put his Yamaha in the main event for the first time this year. Coates was a former Vance & Hines in-house Yamaha rider. It’s good to see that Paul is finding success as a professional.

Adam Cianciarulo goes gnar-bar over this wall jump and into the sand while lapping Blake Wharton. The two riders obviously had very dissimilar evenings.

Blake Baggett had a ho-hum Indy showing. The former 250 National Champion finished fifth and sits fourth in the point standings.

Adam Cianciarulo won his second Supercross in three tries. He was the only rider in the 250 class to jump the very technical quad directly after the first turn. He got help from Martin Davalos, but it’s questionable whether Adam would have passed his teammate regardless of Martin’s folly.

A jubilant AC.

Panic revs for the masses.

Cianciarulo had a funny moment on the podium when he couldn’t pop the champagne. His father had to come to the rescue…

…and Adam sent the Monster Energy girls running.

Mike Alessi nailed another great start in the main.

Don’t mind the front wheel of a passing rider. Instead, take a look at the move Weston Peick makes on Chris Blose. Blose has the inside line heading into the right-hand corner, but Peick puts an elbow on him. Weston made the pass while Chris flubbed the corner.

Josh Grant is known for his sick style. It’s rare to see him out of shape. Here JG33 gets out of shape, yet somehow he makes it look cool. Go figure.

Cole Seely keeps his right leg up through this deep rut before the finish line jump. Seely was called up to the big leagues days before the Indy Supercross, where he promptly scored a podium finish. Cole’s stock just went up for 2015.

Ken Roczen had a night he would rather forget. A few run-ins left the German fighting for points. One point was all he could muster. As a result, K-Roc dropped to third in the point standings.

Ryan Dungey celebrates his first win of the season.

The weight of the world must’ve been lifted off Dungey’s shoulders on Saturday night.

Ruts, anyone?


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