Mike Sleeter, Travis Preston and Roman Jelen celebrate their podium finishes at the 2013 World Vet.

Roman Jelen flew from Slovenia to race the Over-30 Pro class. He was joined on the starting line by riders from Britain, Malaysia, France, Denmark and Belgium.

When Doug Dubach won the Over-40 Pro class on Saturday, it was obvious that he would also win the Over-50 class on Sunday. This holeshot was evidence of his dominance. Willy Musgrave and Pete DeGraaf raced hard to get on the Over-50 podium, but they raced each other?not Dubach.

Glen Helen never ceases to amaze the racers with how many different combinations of racetrack they can link together. Unlike most National or Grand Prix tracks in the world, Glen Helen builds a brand-new and totally unique track for every major event. This year’s World Vet track had a few new wrinkles, but it is always defined by its hills and it bumps.

This is the Charge of the Light Brigade. With Dennis Stapleton (184), Tony Amaradio (130), Travis Preston (11), Mike Sleeter (111) and James Robinson (102) doing most of the sabre rattling.

Glen Helen’s Talladega first turn is a thing of beauty. Because of it size, steepness and width, it can accommodate as many riders as you can jam into it at 60mph. Travis Preston (11) avoids the traffic by getting through Talladega first.

Doug Dubach had a solid career as an AMA Pro, that included an AMA Supercross victory, but his greatest claim to fame came after he retired from AMA Pro racing and started racing Vet races. Dubach has won an amazing 22 titles in three different age divisions.

Travis Preston served notice that he was going to win this year’s World Vet when he decimated the field a week before at the REM warm-up race. Travis is Yamaha’s official test rider on the YZ450F and he has it dialed in.

Mike Sleeter is KTM’s inhouse test rider, and he has come so close to winning the Over-30 Championship in the past, but is always thwarted by the arrival on the scene of someone who has fire in his eyes. This year Sleeter finished second to a totally committed Travis Preston.

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