Josh Hansen won the 2010 Monster Energy Super X Championship in treacherous racing conditions at QSAC Stadium in Brisbanewith Matt Moss claiming the overall 250s Championship after a very close battle with P.J. Larsen.

Heavy rain during the day completely soaked the track creating extraordinary racing conditions for the riders, which forced the organisers to cancel practice and qualifying.


Josh Hansen got out to an early lead in the first of the three, six lappers in the Triple Challenge final and held on for the win. Lewis Woods was right behind Hansen and almost overtook him, but went down trying to make the pass which allowed Jay Marmont to overtake him and finish second with Tye Simmonds third.

Simmonds claimed the second holeshot of the night, but Hansen passed him for another early lead. Billy Mackenzie then passed Hansen when he chose the wrong line and got stuck behind another rider caught up in the thick mud. Mackenzie won the moto with Simmonds second and Hansen third. The final moto of the series went to Hansen with Mackenzie second and Simmonds third.

Hansen claimed the overall championship with Jay Marmont second and Jake Moss holding on for third after a tough night of racing.


The 250 championship went right down to the wire with Matt Moss leading America’s P.J. Larsen by only five points going into the round. In the first five lapper Moss and Larsen both went down in the start straight. Larsen was unable to rejoin the race with a huge fall and Moss was unable to restart his bike for most of the race, only rejoining on the last lap. UK’s Steven Clarke came in first with Lawson Bopping second and Joel Roelants third.

In the second moto Kade Mosig had his first win of the series with Larsen second and Clarke third. Moss crashed in the first lap and finished tenth meaning Moss and Larsen went into the final race tied on 290 points.
Steven Clarke was victor in the final moto for the 250s, but all eyes were on Moss and Larsen in second and third respectively. Larsen was unable to catch Moss who claimed the 250 championship for the third year in a row. Ryan Marmont finished third overall for his final year in the 250 championship.

P.J. Larsen said,”It was a really tough night, but I have had a great time racing in the series. I went down pretty hard in the first moto and was worried I broke my wrist after someone ran over it, but managed to come back and race well in the other two. It’s disappointing to come so close to the championship. It was a very close battle.”

1. Josh Hansen
2. Billy Mackenzie
3. Tye Simmonds
4. Jay Marmont
5. Daniel Reardon
6. Daniel McCoy
7. Toby Price
8. Jake Moss
9. Matthew Phillips
10. Beau Ralston

1. Josh Hansen …421
2. Jay Marmont…362
3. Jake Moss…311
4. Tye Simmonds…296
5. Daniel Reardon…285
6. Daniel McCoy…251
7. Mike Alessi…159
8. Todd Waters …155
9. Lewis Woods…150
10.  Billy Mackenzie…146

1. Steven Clarke
2. Kade Mosig
3. Lawson Bopping
4. Joel Roelants
5. P J Larsen
6. Ford Dale
7. Ryan Marmont
8. Matt Moss
9. Cody Mackie
10. Josh Cachia

1. Matt Moss…312
2. P J Larsen…310
3. Ryan Marmont…244
4. Steven Clarke…226
5. Cody Mackie…225

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