Justin Jones (42) holeshot the second 450 Pro moto

This steep uphill 180-degree turn wreaked havoc on the pack all day long. Here, Dan Alamangos (192) starts to lose control as Pete Murray (7) and Brian Friday squeeze by on the inside.

Dan blocks the track as Ray Poltack and Mike Monaghan (far left) get hung up in the Aussie’s accident.

Jon Ortner (10) finished third in the Over-50 Elite class. Over-50 Elite class is above Over-50 Expert in the pecking order and was started as a place for former AMA Pros to race without slaughtering the regular Over-50 Experts.

Luther French (2) heads out to the back section of track. From this view you can see REM’s constant elevation changes from the starting line (which is in the upper left of the track photo).

New Zealand’s James Lavender (328) was third in the Over-40 Experts. This class was very international as the top three were from South Africa, Holland and New Zealand.

Ralf Schmidt is the Dutch importer of TM motorcycles, but a couple years ago he started vacationing in America and racing at REM. He handed the Dutch warehouse over to his employees and became the American TM distributor—now he races at REM every week.

Brazilian Pedro Henrique (970) went 2-3 in the 250 Pro class for third overall.

Dane Hart (55) gets a valuable lesson on why you shouldn’t drag your feet behind you in tight turns. He avoided injury and went on to win the 250 Beginner class.

Tom Holmes (510) and Kent Reed (491) battle for position in the Over-60 Intermediate class. Holmes would win with a 1-2 score, while Reed was 6th with a 5-4.

Stuntman and actor Bryan Friday got a new bike and new clothes and moved to a new class.  Bryan was 6th in the Over-50 Experts.

Kevin Montgomery won the first moto of the Over-50 Experts, but fell down in the second moto and his 1-7 left him in fifth place.

R.J. Wageman got a bad start in moto two, fell down and climbed his way back to second, but by that time Justiin Jones had built up too big a lead of overcome.

Val Tamietti (31), who won REM’s Number One plate with over 20 wins, is on the same pace in 2018.

Randel Fout (68) came from the back of the pack to catch Val Tamietti on the last lap of the second moto of the Over-60 Experts only to fall down in the next corner. Fout only raced the second moto of the Over-60s, but ran the first moto of the Over-50 Experts. He’s a renaissance man.

Norwegian Aleksander Klock (63) went 4-4 in the 450 Pro class.

Justin Jones is gong to college and racing Baja, the Big Six offroad series and the WORCS series in his spare time.

Randel Fout may be a renaissance man, but he had a little trouble with MXA’s Kawasaki KX250F in the first Over-50 Expert moto.

British rider Tony Parsons won the Over-65 class with a 2-1 over Swede Lars Larsson’s 1-2.

Willy Simons, Jr. took the 250 Pro win.

John Bosanko was moved out of the Over-60 Intermediates to the Over-60 Experts. He went 5-5 to finish in the front one-third of the very large class.

Jon Ortner gets a good look at the next hill he has to climb.

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